New Year’s Resolutions

Vale Gonzalez, Newspaper Staff Member

One of my first new years resolutions about school is give my full attention to school, to only focus on my grades, and nothing else, also to have my best highest grade in math, since math has always been my hardest subject, and to not have nay D’s in all my grades. Studying more is also another one for school, since its kind of hard of me to do, trying to concentrate more on what i’m learning, also trying to be responsible on handling my stuff like papers, or pencils, and trying to be more positive about test and quizzes.

The second resolution is about my health, i’m going to try to be healthier by exercising more and also by eating healthier, also trying to sleep earlier, and try not to stress out much since its also not healthy. i’m going to try eating less street food and drinking more water, have a better face routine, and trying not to be on my phone as much as i am already, try to go outside more and pretty much just do productive stuff like my mom says, also another good in is waking up earlier and also have a good night and day routine since it also helps out a lot.

My third and last that i should probably take more into consideration is to only focus on school and only school, keep 1-3 close friends and the rest pretty much be acquaintances, focus on me and me trying to be better person for myself, work really hard to get to where i want to be, stop caring what people say and only do me, also to be more thoughtful on what i say to others and what i should keep to myself and try to become a better person as the time passes, this year i’m just going to be me, and put most of of my effort into school and only school.