New Year Resolutions

Daylen irwin, Newspaper staff member

I want to do better in Math.

The first semester i passed math, but i want to do better. I can do better. Math is not hard it is just a lot of work to do. There is so many steps to a math problem. It is all just confusing. Math is a fun subject, but it is also boring at the same time.  I can be really good at math, if i really try. But math is not my strongest subject. I need to do better in math this semester. This nine weeks is going to be the hardest. I need to pass this nine weeks.

I want to go to the gym more.

I go to the gym a little bit. But not as mush as i use too. I use to go to planet fitness with my dad , but then we just stopped going. I had Advanced Fitness first semester, but i don’t have it anymore. We worked out everyday in that class. We lifted weights and did different workouts. And we did fitness tests. This was the funnest class i had ever had.

I want to hang out more with my friends.

Me and my friends hang out on some weekends, but i wanna hang out more then the weekends. We hangout at our houses or we go to the mall. We go to the mall and shop or we just hang out there. We have lunch there in the court yard. Other times we will go to the movies. Sometimes we go to spinners in Florence. Spinners is a place where you can skate or go bowling, or you can play arcade games.  Or we will go to the skating ring. But we barely go to the skating ring. The skating ring use to be fun now it is just lame.