New Year’s Resolution

Alexa Garcia, Newspaper Staff Member


-This year I want to improve my chemistry skills. Improving my chemistry skills is my main goal for this year since I struggled so much last year and semester with it. Chemistry has always been a difficult subject to understand in my opinion. It takes a lot of time and patience to fully understand every aspect, but also it involves a lot of memorization which has always been a weak spot for me. Therefore, this new year I want to accomplish my goal of getting better in memorizing, working, and fully understanding all concepts I have to know to be successful.

-Personally, I love junk food. I can call eating junk food a hobby of mine since I see it that way most of the time. However, eating too much junk food has caused me a lot of health issues. Therefore, this year I want to improve my eating habits. I want to maybe workout more, but mainly watch what I eat more. I want to improve my health and maintain myself healthy. Also, I want to get better at eating more than once a day because it is bringing me down tremendously, so I want to eat my three meal and stay away from junk food. Improving my eating habits would be a priority for me.

-I love shopping for clothes, shoes, and a whole lot more of things that I do not really need which means I am never saving money or if I do save it is a small amount. Therefore, this year I want to save up really good because I want to have enough money for college and for my vacation. I want to have enough money to sustain myself for at least a month when I go on vacation. Also, college is right around the corner, so I need to have money saved up for the main priorities. I have to minimize my shopping hobby at its lowest to accomplish my goal to have enough money for the things I have planned for this year.