New Year’s Resolutions

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member


I want to graduate high school and begin college on a good note.

Right now, I am on a good track to graduate.  I have always wanted to be able to walk across the stage and accept a diploma.  Therefore, my resolution is for me to graduate and then start college.  I would really like to start the first semester of college with good grades because I know that the rest of the semesters after that will be easier.  I know that a lot of people struggle when they first attend college, so I want to prove people wrong and begin college with all A’s.  Graduating high school and completing my first semester of college is my number one new year’s resolution.

I want to eat healthier as well as workout.

My second goal is to eat healthier while also working out.  I want to lose some weight this year, and I know that just eating healthier will not make me lose all of the weight that I want to lose, so I also want to work out at the gym.  Every year, this is one of my goals, and it never gets accomplished.  However, I feel that this year will be different since I have the motivation of getting skinnier for graduation on my mind.  Even though this is not my number one resolution, I really to hope that this goal gets accomplished.

I want to spend more time with family and friends.

I have a bad habit of coming home after school and immediately putting my earphones in.  I usually watch YouTube for hours, and I never really talk to my family the whole time.  I want to actually be able to put my phone down more this year and spend time with my family.  Also, I want to spend more time with my friends.  We all go home after school, and we don’t hardly ever take the time to go out.  I want to make it my goal to go to more movies with them, go shopping, and also just hang out with them around the house.