Santa Response

Vale Gonzalez, Newspaper staff member

Should parents tell their children that Santa Claus is real or not? yes, the first reason why I think so its because it is not true so it would be like lying to your kid, the second reason is so that they learn to really appreciate what you’re giving them, instead of an old men bringing them gifts or not, and the third reason is because that would probably encourage them to be better kids instead of telling them if you are bad Santa wont give you presents, and they end up having presents anyways.

Lying to you kid

If you tell them Santa Claus is real its pretty much lying to your kid, and then come with the devastating news that he’s not real. Some kids might take this personal and hurt them for a few days, so might as well tell them early before they come with the bad news. It would be easier for them to know that he is really not real and that the parents decided to be honest with the kids, they can still pretend but only with the knowledge that hes not real. Also it can hurt some kids that they might caught you wrapping all the presents and then they having to find out that way. But if you tell them the truth it can help you keep your money on a budget instead of them wanting a Ferrari or something really expensive, and devastating them because Santa didn’t bring it.

Learning to appreciate

If you tell your kids Santa is not real they’ll eventually get to appreciate the hard work that the parents do for them by buying them all those toys and gifts that they want, even if they’re going threw a tough situation. If the kids learn to appreciate they will be more good people in life, and that will eventually help them out. For some kids it could also appreciate the work that they’re parents do and get to know the necessities of their family and other people. Pretty much it could teach them to grow up with some good qualities, and by the time they’re all grown they will also teach their kids that valuable lesson and eventually have more good people on this planet.

Be better kids 

This could teach a kid a really important lesson. A lot of people say that if you are a bad kid Santa wont give you presents, but for some reason if they still act bad Santa would still come with the presents. It does not really help kids while growing up because its pretty much teaching them that if they are bad they’re still going to get good stuff. Plus they also say that Santa is watching you all the time. If you tell your kids that Santa is not real and you get them presents on Christmas they would probably respect and appreciate the gift more because you actually spent your money on it instead of an old man that you don’t know and thank them for it.