Santa Response

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

I think that parents should not tell their children that Santa is real because their kids would be devastated, Santa would no longer be associated with Christmas, and it would destroy Christmas spirit.

Santa has always been our way to ensure that kids are excited and happy about Christmas.  Just the thought of Santa will create a star in any child’s eyes.  I believe that by taking away Santa, children will be devastated and no longer have that Christmas joy in their eyes.  They will still be excited for Christmas, but all of the fun that went along with it will be gone.  There would be no more cookies and milk to set out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  There would be no more curiousness as to what he looks like.  Many things that kids know and love about Christmas would be completely gone, and I think that it would be horrible for the children.  Children will eventually find out for themselves whether Santa is real or not when they get older, but while they are young, I think that it would be better to let them have fun with their imagination.

Santa is a very big staple piece of Christmas.  Santa is on many things that we advertise during the Christmas holidays.  Many times, he is on advertisements before anyone even begins to put up Christmas decorations and sometimes before we celebrate Thanksgiving.  This is one way for children to begin to get excited about Christmas because many of them do not know the date and depend on these ads of Santa to know that Christmas is near.  People also like to take their kids to see Santa so that they can tell him what they want for Christmas.  If Santa is no longer relevant in a child’s life, Christmas has completely lost its meaning to them.  A lot of very young children do not always understand the process of giving gifts, but they do know that they get to see a jolly man in a red suit with a big beard.  Without Santa, Christmas would never be the same.

Christmas spirit is alive in many children today because they believe in Santa.  Without this spirit, Christmas would not be special as it would seem like any other holiday.  To me, one of the best parts of Christmas is seeing these children who believe in Santa because they are just so happy about Christmas.  To them, Christmas involves Santa and to take that away would dull the Christmas spirit.  I believe that the joy of these children is what makes even the unhappiest of people glad because there is no way to look at a smiling child and actually not smile.  Their spirit and their happiness allows Christmas to be one of the best holidays to spend time with family because it is really hard to be unhappy when there is Christmas spirit all around.  It would not be Christmas if there was no spirit in a child’s eyes.

Even though I do not believe that Santa is real, I think that it is a fun way to get children’s imaginations flowing and keep them happy.