Santa Response

Daniel Villarreal, Newspaper Staff Member

Should parents tell their children that Santa Claus is real or not?

I think that parents should not tell their kids that there is a Santa Claus in real because you would be lying to your kid. In my opinion I think that should not tell them because if the kids find out that there really is no Santa Claus it would make them upset then they might not trust what there parents tell them. I also feel that not really knowing that there is a Santa Claus is that big of a deal because all find out one day that there really is not Santa.


I think that parents should not tell their kid that there is a Santa because you would just be lying to them. Other kids at school might say that there is no Santa and then the kid get in to an argument. Then the kid might go home and tell his or her mom and dad then for them not to make their kid upset they will have to lie to them. As the kid gets older then they might thing that there parents have been lying to them half of they lives.I feel that some kid might think what else have they been lying about.


In my opinion I would think that some kids would wonder what else that there parents would be lying about. I don’t think lying to your kid at a young age is a good thing to do. Then when the kid find out that there is no Santa Claus at a young age they don’t like to believe what there parents say and, start to not listen to their parents. Some kids get into arguments that there is a Santa Claus and that there is not one. I have seen it happen with my own eyes. Then the kids run to their mom and dad asking to tell each other witch one is right. The parents have to explain to them that there is a Santa Claus and they keep on lying to their kids.

Better to know the truth

When I was little kid I did not know that there was or wasn’t a Santa Clause. My parents may have lied to me about something before but, they never told me about a person that would ride on a slay that was pulled by rain deer  in the sky during the middle of the night giving presents to every little kid in the world. That is something hard to believe now because we are older and know that it can’t happen but, any little kid would believe anything that an adult says. Just like to get kids to sleep that something is going to get them from under the bed if they don’t go to bed but, there is nothing really going to get them. I feel that it’s not right to lie to your kids to get them in believing in something that is not true.