Santa Response

Alexa Garcia, Newspaper Staff Member

I believe parents should tell their children Santa Claus is not real because of the consequences it will bring to kids when they find out the truth, Christmas is still going to be enjoyable either way, and Santa is not just a myth.

When children find out Santa Claus is not real, kids are going to be devastated by the fact that they were lied to. Many parents believe their children’s dreams and hopes are going to be shattered if they do not tell them Santa is real; however, kids normally realize the truth around seven or eight, and they are totally fine nothing shatters inside them as parents believe. Also, as kids we just think about the presents we are going to receive, so as long as we still receive those presents even though Santa Claus does not ‘deliver’ them as we were told then we are going to be totally fine. Parents do not have to lie about Santa Claus because it just causes more confusion in small children.

Christmas is much more than just Santa Claus. Therefore, if a child is told Santa is not real, he/she will more than like accept it. Christmas is still going to be fun and pleasant. It is like watching a movie, for example, one of my favorite movies is called Avengers and it is a fictional movie. Therefore, I can watch the movie and completely love it and find it amazing and amusing to me, but at the end of the day I know it is not real and it will never happen in real life. Kids fantasy all the time pretending to be superheroes, cowboys, and many other things and they still find the joy in that, so they will still find the joy in Santa and Christmas. They know none is real but that does not mean to them it will not be fun. That is how Santa Claus works, telling the kids that Santa is not real will still make kids love Christmas because it is just much more meaningful. Children will still find Christmas to be every bit as exciting.

Santa is not a myth, he was a real person that really existed, so why not take the chance and explain that to the children. Taking the time to explain to your kid where Santa Claus really came a part of Christmas will make them be more understandable of the fact he is not real as in he does not bring the kids presents every year. Santa Claus is really St. Nicholas, he was a very rich man because when he was young his parents died and left him a lot of money; therefore, he was known to be very kind and always helped the poor giving them gifts. He gave away all his wealth to the poor and sick. As years when by, people started changing up the real St. Nicholas to Santa Claus and make him dress in all red with a long white bread that is caring and giving and brings gifts to the homes of good behaved kids on Christmas Eve. It is always better to say the truth to your kids because in my opinion I think they should know the real truth behind everything that deals with Christmas and Santa Claus is one of it.

In my opinion, parents should tell their children Santa Claus is not real because if you are lying to your kids at such a young age than basically you are teaching them that lying is okay. It is always much more meaningful when us as kids know the truth especially if it deal with the one of the most beloved holidays, Christmas.