Last Christmas

Vale Gonzalez, Newspaper staff member

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Last Christmas is about a Women that always felt something strange, and really had no purpose, until she met this man and they immediately had an instant click, they got really close and told their secrets and how she got a certain scar, until one day she tries to look for him and cant find him anywhere, turns out years ago when she got into that accident, he was the heart donor and that is how he was always by her side until her heart was full again.

what makes the characters and the performance of the movie so good, is that they really do make you believe or think so much what is going to happen next, and then a big plot twist comes, the characters act so good to make you believe into that and they are as surprised as we are when the plot twist happens, and that is what makes a main character act so good. also the other characters contribute to that to make the movie seem more real, which is pretty much what actors are suppose to do.

The movie is so good, so since its a Christmas it should be a classic, so this impacts the story because when the whole drama happens is in Christmas. and people like to watch it every year because its so emotional and it brings people a lot of feelings, and also the movie teaches you an important lesson about what you should be thankful for, and Christmas is a lot about being grateful. and what makes it so popular is that Christmas fits so perfectly for the movie theme, and as i have mentioned it brings a lot of emotions that makes the movie so popular.

There are also some pretty interesting facts about the movie.

  1. Emilia Clark wanted to write her own songs and she actually did and most of the songs of the movie she sings them or has written them.
  2. George Michael actually worked at a homeless shelter so by doing it on a movie was pretty cool of him to do and was actually a pretty good idea and also giving ideas to others about the homeless shelter.
  3. Most of the scenes of the movie was actually filmed at around 2 Am because they wanted to avoid the crowd.
  4. The movie went #1 as the most sells or waiting for it to sell in the UK
  5. When Kate’s dad picks her up you can kind actually tell that she had a tattoo from the Game Of Thrones as a home page to her character.
  6. This really interesting fact is that Emma Thompson actually started working on this scrip since 2010.
  7. The movie Last Christmas was in set since 2017
  8. They made the song Last Christmas be the literal plot of the movie.
  9. Throughout the movie only Kate interacts with Tom because she is the only one that can see him and also Toms reflection cannot be seen.
  10. In the whole movie Kate was pretty much doing all the stuff by herself and talking to herself, because Tom is a Ghost.

This last scene of the movie is one of the most popular scenes because there is a lot of emotions threw out the whole video. For example there is peace between the whole place, and the whole family of Kate is there together, even tho they might have had some difficulties. The second reason why this is an important part of the video, its because of the literal song of the video its really describing the movie itself. The third reason why this scene is so popular its because the Ghost (Tom) appeared in her life to bring her happiness, she yet didn’t have fill that space in her heat she said she felt. So all summed up it gives a lot of emotions threw the whole time she is singing it and also because it brings emotion to the movie.

There are also a lot of interesting heart-touching quotes threw out the whole movie, and this Five ranked as the most popular

  1.  “I’m not going to heal my heart and then give it to someone who will break it” That was ranked #1 as the most liked quote threw out the whole movie, and it is really heart touching once you get to actually experience the feeling.
  2. “You’re made of everything you do” That quote is also really heart touching and sweet as Tom said this to Kate, and its actually true, it can be either positive or negative, depends how you see it.
  3. “There’s no such thing as normal. It’s a stupid word. Does a lot of damage” This one is also a really popular quote and its true at some point, because the idea of being normal is really the idea of how you want to fit in and how other people see you as.
  4.  “That sounds like a healthy choice. I haven’t heard you make one of those in a while” that one is funny and at the same time kinda sad, but more on the funny side.
  5.  “You turned me into someone who broke the law” that one was form Kate to Santa and its really funny once you get to watch the movie.

The movie was all pretty good itself, I really loved it. the movie had an unexpected ending and for me that is what really makes a good movie, I really like not knowing whats going to happen at the end and then having a plot twist. I think everything in that movie was well made, but one things that kind of gave that Tom was a Ghost away was the trailer. The trailer really did give a big hint that Tom was actually a ghost, but apart from that the movie was really good and and had a really good ending. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and i would rate it a 9/10 which is pretty good, it will get you out some tears.