Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

Elf Movie Posters:


Synopsis of the Plot:

Buddy was originally a baby in an orphanage before he climbed into Santa’s sack during his visit to the orphanage.  He then finds himself in the North Pole with Santa and grows up with the elves.  When he reaches adulthood, he finds out that his father is his adoptive father and sets out on an adventure to New York City to find his birth father, Walter Hobbs.  His father has no idea that he was even born so that causes some tension when Buddy arrives.  While trying to convince his father that he is his son, Buddy has to adjust to human life which proves to be a difficult task.  After Buddy breaks the last straw with Walter, Buddy is left wishing to leave New York City and go back to the North Pole as quick as possible.


Character Performances:

-Buddy: Buddy’s character adds so much Christmas spirit to Elf.  No matter who it is in the movie, Buddy is always there to make sure that their Christmas spirit is not gone.  Even though the world outside of the North Pole had begun to lose Christmas spirit, Buddy did not let that get him down, and he continued to spread Christmas cheer.  This is what makes Buddy a really great character.

-Walter Hobbs: Even though Walter is known to be bitter about the holidays, he brought a sense of realism into the film.  Christmas is not all happy times in regular people’s lives, and that is what Walter brought to the film.  He might have been a bit harsh at times with the people in the movie, but that is what people have to expect out of life sometimes.  Regardless of his bad temperament, Walter is a good character because he keeps Elf from being too unrealistic.

-Jovie: Jovie is Buddy’s girlfriend.  She is a great character because she took a chance on Buddy when no one else would.  She ends up being one of the only good things about Buddy’s stay in New York City because she believes in him.  She takes him out on a date and tries her best to introduce him to human culture.

Papa Elf:  He is Buddy’s adoptive dad who took him in when no one else wanted a human baby.  He tried his best to raise him, but the only way he knew was the elf way.  This causes Buddy to become an outcast because it is easy to tell that he is not an elf from just one glance.  However, Papa Elf was still a very good character because he raised Buddy even though he did not know how to raise a baby.

The Elves: The elves were minor characters in the story, but they did cause Buddy some trouble.  They were not nice to Buddy sometimes and treated him very differently.  They were never patient with Buddy, and they were the reason that Buddy found out that he was not an elf.


What Makes Elf a Christmas Classic:

One reason that Elf is such a Christmas classic is because of the actor who plays Buddy the Elf.  Will Ferrell is such a comedic genius that he makes Buddy the Elf his own.  The hilarity of the film has drawn people in since 2003.  Both parents and children are able to watch this film because of its childlike humor as well as the hidden adult jokes.

Another reason is the film’s ability to stay relevant in years to come.  The message of the movie is one that people will be able to relate to no matter how old or how long the movie has been out.  It has a message of selflessness that will continue to strike people’s hearts.  It will also never get old because it is unlike any movie of its kind and will probably continue to be unique for years.


Interesting Facts About Elf:

-Jim Carrey was initially considered for the role, but the project took ten years to plan and by then Will Ferrell was chosen.

-Twin boys were originally casted for the role of baby Buddy but were unable to perform well and were fired.  All they did was cry nonstop and would never smile and laugh, so they were replaced with triplet girls who were far more playful.

-When Buddy is forced to be a toy tester for the jack-in-the-boxes, the anxiety on his face was real.  While filming this scene, director Jon Favreau controlled the boxes with a remote control to get real reactions from Ferrell.

-Will Ferrell had to actually eat all of the sweets that were portrayed on the film.  This caused him to get sick as he did not sleep well from all of the sugar he ingested.

-Will Ferrell actually worked as a mall Santa before he became an actor, so he was made for the role.

-Will Ferrell refuses to make an Elf sequel and has even turned down $29 million.

-The movie has been turned into a musical and is so popular that there are national tours.

-The outfit that Buddy wears during the movie is inspired by the elves’ costumes in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

-The jack-in-the-boxes used in Elf made the same noises as the hyenas at Magic Kingdom in Disney World.

-Several traffic accidents occurred during the filming because people were shocked to see Will Ferrell dressed in a costume while walking around New York City.


Most Popular Scene in the Movie:

In this scene, Buddy is forced to work in a Christmas store as he has been mistaken for a worker because of his elf costume.  The boss proceeds to yell that Santa would be coming so that the kids could take pictures with him.  Because he knows the actual Santa, Buddy is overwhelmed and yells his name.

This scene was so popular because it practically came out of nowhere and shocked people who watched the movie.  It kept people on their toes.  It also became popular because of how funny it was.  The expression on the boss’ face was priceless.


Popular Quotes:

-“I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU!” -Buddy

-“He’s an angry elf! He’s from the South Pole.” -Buddy

-“You sit on a throne of lies.”-Buddy

-“You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa.” -Buddy

-“I’m a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.” -Buddy



I love the movie Elf because of its comedy and its message.  Elf is a movie that I can laugh at and never get tired of hearing all of the childish comedy that is in it.  I will always be able to get a good laugh out of the movie and that’s the reason that I love it so much.  It is so carefree and simple yet there are some hidden jokes contained in it.

I also love the message of selflessness that Elf gives.  Buddy is such a selfless person that it is so hard to dislike him.  This movie always makes me want to go out and help people even though they may not be appreciative.  I feel like this is a good movie to show to kids because Buddy is a good influence when it comes to his selflessness.  Because of the movie’s message, I will continue to watch Elf for years to come.