Directions for Christmas Movie Stories

Colby Faulkner

All Christmas Movie stories are due by the end of class on Thursday December 5th!

Overview: Each of you will be assigned a classic holiday film varying from old to recent (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation [1989], Home Alone [1990], Elf [2003], Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas [2001], The Polar Express [2004], Jingle All the Way [1996], A Christmas Story [1983], Miracle on 34th Street [1994], Disney’s A Christmas Carol [2009], The Santa Clause [1994]).  You will be required to type up a story about this movie in which you:

  1. Copy and paste at least 2 different posters/images for the movie at the top of your story
  2. Provide a Brief Synopsis of the Plot (synopsis means you tell me everything in the beginning, middle, and end – but do it QUICKLY – just the key plot points)
  3. Describe the Performances in the movie – talk about what makes the performance of the main character so good, and discuss a few performances by some of the minor characters
  4. Discuss what makes it a Christmas classic – why do people watch it every year?  What makes it so popular?
  5. Give a list of 10 interesting bits of trivia associated with the movie – fun and interesting facts about your movie – the more out there the better!
  6. A YouTube link to one of or THE most popular scene of that movie with a brief description introducing the scene and what happens in it and why it is important
  7. A list of at least 5 popular quotes from the movie
  8. Review the movie – give us your opinion of the movie – what do you like/dislike about it and why?


  • Each bullet point needs to be answered in multiple paragraphs (some of the paragraphs can be long and some can be short – ya know?  Like a real article in a real paper)
  • Altogether, for the whole story, you need a MINIMUM of 1000 words altogether 
  • I HIGHLY recommend you use IMDB (the Internet Movie Database) to find a lot of this information; however, that DOES NOT MEAN YOU JUST COPY AND PASTE THE INFORMATION FROM THAT SITE!  THAT’S PLAGIARISM AND I WILL GIVE YOU A ZERO – MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
  • Whatever website(s) you use, you HAVE TO cite them at the very bottom of your story like you do every time.  
  • Put this story under the category of “Entertainment.”
  • This assignment will either be a Double Minor Grade or a Major Grade.