Conversational Tips with Family Members for the Holidays

Every Holiday we usually reunite with most of our family members, but in some occasions there might be some family members that we don’t know, or have never seen before. Usually family members that we have never seen before may want to start a conversation with us, and we might not know what to say. Because we don’t know them, but here are some tips on what to say, when you are awkwardly with a family member that you don’t know, or with a family member that you don’t know what to talk to them about.

How to start a conversation 

When you don’t know what to say just try to start a topic that you both like, for example if ya’ll both like cats, you can always start a conversational topic about it, or if you don’t know what they like, try to ask questions about them. Try to ask them questions about their personal likes, or dislikes. For example what kind of foods do they like, or what kind of places they like to visit. But in some occasions we all have that shy relative that doesn’t really feel comfortable talking to people they don’t really know, so what you can do in that situation is to always try to show them something funny, people usually get more comfortable when they see something funny or calming. If you get in a situation where you really don’t know what to talk about, you can always talk about yourself, and what kind of stuff you like to do.

What not to talk about 

Every one has always had this awkward moments when an unexpected subject comes up, or a subject we don’t really want to talk about. First thing don’t ever bring up relationship subjects, when you bring those kinds of subjects up it most likely will end awkward especially with family members you don’t really know, because one things leaves to another and another one to another one and so on. Don’t bring up subjects that will ruin the mood of the family, like the death of someone, or if your aunt got divorced, those may be subject you’ll want to avoid. Another subject you’ll also want to avoid is some of those bad embarrassing things that had happened before, and that will never most likely be funny unless, you both find it funny, if that’s the case, then it might be alright.

What to talk about

There are lots of things you can talk about, and one of them is about yourself. You can always talk about where you went last Christmas or last summer, or what kind of shows do you like. You can always talk about a lot of things, but there might be times where nothings just pops up, what might help is you can grab your phone and try to search something up, it actually works, (sometimes) but you can still do that. Talk about what you might think they like to do, or what could also work is talking about a cool family member that you both know, that is something that always works and eventually would get ya’ll closer.

How to brush off something you don’t want to talk about

There might be times where annoying relatives or relatives that you don’t know ask you a question that might make you uncomfortable, what you can always do in those types of situations is straight up be honest about it saying that it makes you uncomfortable, but sometimes you might not want to come off as “rude”, so what you can do, is you can answer part of the question and then ask them a difficult question. If they’re old enough they’ll eventually forget about it, or realize what they just said or did what you can also do to get out of an awkward situation is pretend someone is calling you. there’s plenty of ways to get out of an awkward situation, all you have to do is be creative.

What to talk about with younger cousins or family members 

We all have those little (Annoying) younger cousins, we all love them, and sometimes they might start asking a lot of questions. But we can’t blame them because they young, so we have to find something on what to talk about with them. Some of the things might be pretty simple, like Barbies, or Cars, Animals etc…, pretty much everything that entertains them, so it’s pretty simple to talk to younger cousins. But if you get kinda tried you can always say that “this” family member wants to talk to them.

Those are some of the conversation tips that you may use. and that might be useful for some people, and that also it might be helpful by getting out of awkward conversations.