Black Friday Shopping

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

History of Black Friday:

The first time that the term “Black Friday” was used was in 1869; however, its first use did not refer to shopping.  Instead, it was applied to the crash of the US gold market.  As the years went on, it eventually turned into the shopping monster that it is today.  It is said that stores would operate at a loss for a year and then make back their profit when shoppers would blow tremendous amounts of money on discounted goods.  The name “Black Friday” essentially comes from the term “black” which is what stores would use to record their profits.  Now, the shopping madness has morphed itself into a four-day event spanning from Friday to Monday (also called Cyber Monday).

Guide to Black Friday:

*Tip 1- If you go with a group, make sure that everyone has their phone on loud so that calls can be heard. (Black Friday is chaos therefore it is best to be able to hear your phone in case you or your group needs to find you.)

*Tip 2- Make sure to know the price of the item you want before Black Friday so that you can compare with the Black Friday sell price.  Some stores like to scam shoppers, so it is best to be aware of the prices.

*Tip 3- Be there early because items sell out very quickly.

*Tip 4- Map out stores that you want to go to beforehand because you will not be able to search the store for a specific item because of how crowded it will be.

Tip 5- Be careful because many people are ruthless when it comes to the sales on Black Friday.

Stores with Good Deals:

*Macy’s- Macy’s is known for their Thanksgiving parades, so it is quite obvious that they would have some of the best deals.  Not only do they have Black Friday deals, they also have Black Friday coupons that can be used as well.

*Target- Target is the store for almost everyone.  It more than likely has what you are looking for plus more.  According to WalletHub, Target offered a Black Friday discount of 34.8% in 2018.

*Amazon- Amazon is arguably the most used place for shopping online.  Last year, they had about 650 sales during Black Friday.

My Experience with Black Friday:

I have gone Black Friday shopping for about four or five years now.  Each time it is a little different, but one thing that never changes is the amount of people lined up in front of stores just waiting for them to open.  I always start my shopping on Thanksgiving night and then go to a hotel before returning on Friday morning.  Even though Black Friday is technically on Friday, most places open late on Thanksgiving night.  I would definitely say that Thursday night holds the biggest crowds while Friday is much more calm.  I always have fun Black Friday shopping because I think that it is so much fun to watch people scrambling around trying to find something.  It can get dangerous though, and I have been pushed and shoved on many occasions.  I have to be very careful of where I go and what I choose to look at because the people there are crazy.  Friday, for me, is much easier to shop because most of the crowd is gone.  However, a lot of items have already been sold out or stolen from boxes, so it is hard to find what you want.  Even though Thursday is more crowded and is not the official day for Black Friday, I would suggest just going on Thursday to ensure that you get the best deals and can find what you want.

Black Friday in a Few Years:

In my opinion, I see Black Friday changing drastically in the next few years.  Because most shopping is done online, I feel that most people will want to skip out on the dangers of Black Friday and complete their shopping online.  I do feel that there will still be a Black Friday in some stores, but it will not be to the extent that it is today.  However, all of the problems from Black Friday shopping will not be magically erased.  There will still be things that are sold out, and there might even be problems with a website shutting down because of the amount of people on it at one time.  Whatever the outcome is, I still believe that Black Friday will be around for many years to come in store or online.

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