Halloween Surveys

Alexa Garcia, Newspaper Staff Member

Which Halloween monster or movie character do you think is the scariest and why? 

Student Responses

I think the scariest monster would be the clown from It, because he is a clown and he eats children.   -Breanna Nolan 12th grade  

I believe the Xenomorph from Alien is the scariest monster, because it plays on everyone’s fear.  -Donovan VanRyssenghem 12th grade 

The scariest Halloween monster is a Vampire because they drink people’s blood.  -Anila Thomas 9th grade 

Pennywise is the scariest Halloween monster because of his weird smile and backstory. The Clown makeup also makes it scarier.  -Anonymous 9th grade  

I think Dracula is the scariest.  I think this because he has fangs.  He also has a scary voice and a killer cape. He reminds me of an old school Ghostface but without the knife and he actually has powers.  -Cameron W. 10th grade  

The new Pennywise is the scariest to me.  They upgraded him to make him even scarier.  -Abby Phillips 12th grade  

I think that Pennywise from It is the scariest because he mainly goes after children.  -Lauren Pamer 11th grade  

The clown from IT is the scariest to me, because he takes the form of your biggest fear.  –Olivia Ezell 10th grade  

The movie character that I think is the scariest is Michael Myers.  He acts really creepy at night.  He has a scary mask and he is really tall.  -Chloe Amos 9th grade  

Teachers’ Responses

Freddy Krueger because you have to sleep and dream.  -Mr. Philebar

Freddy Krueger because he attacks when people are so vulnerable–when they are asleep.  Nightmares are so real anyway, and it is creepy to think they could not really be nightmares…they could be REAL….Ewww…too scary!  -Mrs. Crawford
I think Freddy Kruger is the scariest because of his ability to infiltrate a person’s dreams. When a person is asleep,  she is in her most vulnerable state, and the realization that this demon has the ability to not only torture and torment her while she sleeps can be a bit much to handle. I remember the first time I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street; I was unable to get a full night’s sleep for about a week.  -Mrs. Winder
I think the scariest Halloween movie character is the villain from the Scream movies. That mask has always freaked me out, and I cannot even stand to see a commercial for the movies.  -Mrs. Gough
Michael Myers. The music in the movie just made him scarier.  -Mrs. Green

Prompt: Finish this sentence: This Halloween, I hope… 

Students’ Responses

… that I get lots of change for my good costumes.   -Daniel Hyzer 11th grade 

… to be with my friends, and to spend time with my family and boyfriend.  -Angel Marsk 11th grade  

… to scare the crap out of little kids.  I hope I can get a bag full of candy and make little kids cry.  -Jacob Poston 10th grade  

… to stay home and sleep.  I also want to watch scary movies.  -Alyssa Bryant 11th grade  

… that I will be able to scare many adults and kids.  Being able to scare people brings me great joy.  -Ashely Carter 12th grade  

… to not get fat.  -Dayen Duke 9th grade  

… to have a quiet night and not be bothered by children.  Also, I hope to hand out candy and dress my dog as a mermaid.  -Khrista Robinson 9th grade

… people are safe, the little kids get lots of candy, that it’s fun and exciting for them, and that no one gets their candy stolen.  -Anonymous 11th grade  

… I get a lot of candy, and also that I can get to dress up as my favorite vampire (Dracula), since I adore him.  -Daniel Wicker 9th grade  

… I get a lot of candy, because I like candy and I like to give some away too.  I hope everyone has a good Halloween.  -G. Hunter 9th grade


Teachers’ Responses

… to see good costumes and decorations.  -Mr. Philebar

… to have a lot of leftover chocolate candy!  Yum!  -Mrs. Crawford

… to stay inside where it’s warm and watch the horror movie marathons.  -Mrs. Winder
… that it does not rain; I hope my daughter has a fun time trick-or-treating; and I hope I have the willpower not to eat a lot of candy ha!  -Mrs. Gough
… to stay at home and give out candy to sweet little kiddos, and maybe watch some scary movies too.  -Mrs. Green
… my daughter gets lots of candy so I can bring it to school and bribe my students with it.  We do not need all that cavity-causing garbage at home.  -Ms. Aycock
… to get lots of candy on sale the next day [after Halloween].  -Mrs. Smith
… to steal candy from my students – hopefully they load up on good stuff like Kit-Kats.  -Ms. Dukes