Halloween Prompts

Daylen Irwin, Newspaper Staff Member

What was the best Halloween costume you have ever had? What made it so special?

My favorite costume was morph suits. There are all kinds of different colors in morph suits. Mine Craft morph suits , Alien morph suits, Monkey morph suits, Canada morph suits, Inflatable morph suits, chicken morph suits, skeleton morph suits, rainbow morph suits, venom morph suits, spider man morph suits, ninja morph suits, dead pool morph suits, American flag morph suits, captain America morph suits, zombie morph suits, vampire morph suits, power ranger morph suits, star wars morph suits, witch morph suits, ghost morph suits, super man morph suits, jaguar morph suits, Christmas morph suits. They are so cool and comfortable. They are special, because morph suits are so unique. I love morph suits, they are so awesome. They are soft and feel good. Morph suits are their own costume. My favorite costume I ever had was a morph suit. A morph suit is a whole body costume. There are all kinds of them. There are all kinds of different colors too. There are clown morph suits , Slender men


Destiny, grade 9, 3 years ago I was a clown. That year was my best year, because my mom let me do my Halloween make-up and she let me die my hair. I got a lot of candy that year.

Zoe melton, grade 9, I think the best Halloween costume I have ever had was a bag of jelly beans. The people were talking about me badly.

Rosaleah Nicoles, grade 9, The best Halloween costume is the purge with my friends.

Millie Manzur, grade 9, A bloody nurse, a few minutes later I went to a hospital and they thought I was an actual nurse. They thought I lost a patient.

Chandler johnson, grade 9, The best costume I ever had was the man from scream. The mask was white, and it had a block looking cape. What made it special was it was my first Halloween in my new neighborhood.

Braxton Kemp, grade 9, I was scream and what made it special was I had a mask that had blood that rushed up. I scared a lot of little kids they ran away and screamed.

Colton, grade 9, A clown, because I was able to scare anybody kids and adults, Onetime I was able to make a kid pee himself cause he was so scared. People wouldn’t get near me.

Bryce French, grade 9, The best costume I ever had was probably the scream costume. It was based off of a scary movie.

Anthony .M, grade 10, My best costume ever was an incredible hulk costume I wore when I was 8. It was the first costume I ever bought.

Gre’reona, grade 9, I was a transformer. It was special because I could be a car. It also can be a person too. The costume was yellow and black, and I was bumblebee.

Landon .H , grade 9, The flash because when people saw me in it they said they liked it.

Dagen Duke, grade 9, I was 7 and I was a ninja turtle. The reason it was special was because I loved kung fu at the time. And its turtles so.

Alex Cedeno, grade 9, Scream they scared me when I was small and it did the same to others.

Daniel wicker, grade 9, A gorilla suit it was special because it was about around the time harambie died.

Juan, grade 9, An iron man costume because my mom bought it and I got a lot of candy that day.

MJ, grade 9, Slow down you know you cant catch me moving to fast on the gas, don’t chase me.Hatch, teacher: I made my own costume, of a looney tunes character. “ Michigan J. Frog.” I won a contest! Great fun that night.

Hannah Smith-Lyons, grade 9, Spider man. It was the first costume I remember.

Chelsie Odom, grade 11, The best Halloween costume I ever had was when I dressed as a hippie because it felt right. I was always suppose to be born in the 70s. I have an old soul.

Laurence .B, grade 10, The best Halloween costume I ever had was a  iron man costume. It was special to me because iron man is my favorite Avenger.


T. Hatch, teacher, I made my own costume, of a looney tunes character, “Michigan J. Frog”. I won a contest! Great fun that night.



Would you spend the night in a graveyard for  $100? Why or why not?

Yes, i would because i like to go and adventure. I like to go to scary things. I like scary things.


Jai Turner, No because $100 is not enough to stay in a  graveyard. They would have to pay me at least $600 and provide me with food!

Anonymous, grade 11, Most definitly i would spend the night in a graveyard for $100. Why you ask? Why not. Its easy money as long as you come prepared. The only thing i would be worried about is the creepy crawlers.

Anonymous, grade 12, Yeah man im down for free money. I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Chandler, grade 9, I would spend a night in a graveyard, because the people are dead, plus i will get 100 dollars so.

Daniel wicker, grade 9, Yes i would spend a night in a graveyard for one hundred dollars. I would because, its 100 dollars and i can get new shoes or go buy stuff.

Tyler Mckenzi, grade 10, Not at all. They’ed have to be talking at least $100,000 for me even to consider.

Natalee, grade 9, Yes, beacause i need some money and i dont really think it would be that bad. I would just pray before i go and think positive.

Chelsie .O, grade 11, Yes, because it would be a thriller. I would do it on Halloween though. Its a hundred dollars why would you not. It would also be a fun activity to do with your friends.

Bailee garrard, grade 10, No i would not spend the night in a graveyard for $100 because im too scared.

Destiny Williams, grade 9, I would spend a night at a graveyard especially for money. I don’t think anything would happen. I believe in ghosts but not that much.

Jon Desposito, grade 9, I would spend the night in a graveyard for $100, because a graveyard is a cool and scary place and not much would happen because everyone is already dead.

Gracie Price, grade 9, Yes, because they are dark and spooky, you can also talk to people about there life.

Joseph Escobar,grade 9, Yes, because i would like to have 100 dollars.

Jaden Boyd,grade 9, Yes, because it ain’t that scary to be honest.

Samaje Stewart, grade 9, Yes i will spend the night in a graveyard for $100 dollars. Because i don’t get scared easily and money is money.

Landon .H,grade 9, Yeah, because i need a $100 right now.

Jaylen .J,grade 9, I would go with ouija board and talk to ghost.


Mr. westerfield, teacher, No, because it is not enough money and many graveyards are not safe.

Mr Romines, teacher, Sure! Grave yards aren’t haunted. I’d take a free $100!!!

Coach Durr, teacher, No i owuld not. I would sleep in my own bed.