Halloween writing prompts

Vale Gonzalez, Newspaper staff member

Do you like reading scary books or going to scary movies? Why or why not?

Student Responses

I enjoy going to see horror movies because they are thrilling and scary. I also enjoy reading scary prompts. -Nic Castiliogne 11th grade

Scary movies definitely!  Scary movies are more exciting than books.  In the movies the characters pop out at you; in books it is just words.  -Dagen Duke 9th grade

I would rather watch a scary movie because you would rather watch a movie with friends than read a book, unless you and Mr. Faulkner enjoy reading.  -Damon McKnight 9th grade

I like going to watch scary movies, because I don’t like reading.  -Courtney Pfister 10th grade

I do like watching/reading scary stories and movies.  They are so thrilling and the feeling of being scared is very exciting.  I believe they are always better with a friend.  -Mia McMillan 9th grade

Scary movies are even scarier when it is Halloween season. It fits the mood of having the Halloween feeling.  -PJ Gregory 10th grade

I have always loved scary books and scary movies.  One reason I like October is because that’s when all the scary movies come out.  -Nyla H 9th grade

I would rather go to a scary movie, mainly because I’ll get a better experience.  -Alex Kiser 9th grade

I like going to scary movies because it’s something that I can do with my friends and it gets you in the spooky Halloween spirit.  -Lauren Palmer 11th grade

I love watching scary movies because you sometimes don’t expect what might happen or you might just love getting scared.  -Juan Velasco 9th grade

I like reading scary books and watching scary movies because they all have a certain suspense, and they make you think about what may happen next.  -Sarah Babb 9th grade

I like both but I mostly enjoy the scary movies since they are better.  The stories are more interesting with the descriptive parts of the characters.  -Krista Robinson 9th grade

I like scary movies, because they are more interesting.  The last time I tried to watch one, it was really scary.  I hate reading, so I’d probably fall asleep trying to read a scary book.  -Makylah Sayles 9th grade

I like watching scary movies instead of reading scary books, because it’s more intense if you are watching it.  -Chloe Newsome 9th grade

I like reading scary stories, because you can picture what’s going on in the book and imagine what’s going to happen next.  -Jazmyn Ballard 9th grade

I love scary movies.  Half of the time they aren’t even scary – they are funny and entertaining.  -Evelin A. 10th grade

I would much rather watch a movie – I think it would be funner than reading a book.  Plus, I think reading is boring.  -Daniel Wicker 9th grade

I like watching scary movies because it takes less time than reading a book, and it gives you the same story even though the books are usually better than the movies.  -Lillie Harrison 9th grade

I like watching movies, because they give you more of a scary effect.  Plus, who wants to sit around reading a book when they can watch it on a screen with less effort?  -Ashley Carter 12th grade

I like scary movies because they evoke the most feeling from me.  There is nothing like a good scare.  -Erin Collins 12th grade

I prefer watching scary movies because I like being scared.  I also like the adrenaline rush that I have while watching them.  The best part of scary movies are the backstories.  -Kai Houseworth 10th grade

I like going to scary movies because it’s scary.  It’s a time where you can have fun with your friends or family.  -Bryce French 9th grade


Prompt: What are some of the most popular costumes this year for Halloween and why?

Student Responses

I think one of the most popular costumes would be a no bars suit or a low battery suit, since people go crazy if they don’t have service or battery on their phones.  -Ashton Davis 10th grade

Anything off of a movie, or something like dressing as  Doc McStuffin.  -Andrea Jackson 10th grade

The Joker because everyone loves it!  -Rachel Patterson 11th grade

The most popular one is Pennywise the Clown, because of the movie It: Chapter Two.  -Lillie Harrison 9th grade

In my opinion, it’s usually the overrated yet familiar ones, like Zombies, Witches, and Vampires.  -Althea Pal 9th grade

Teacher Responses

Costumes from the show Stranger Things are really popular this year because that show is awesome!  I wish I had a Scoops Ahoy costume!  My daughter wants to dress our cat up like a Demigorgan.  –Mrs. Westerfield