Halloween Prompt

Alexa Garcia, Newspaper Staff Member

This Halloween, I hope to go to a haunted house, spend time with family, and go to a Halloween party.  

Halloween is a time to find a way to scare yourself the most in a way one can enjoy to the fullest. The best way is going to a haunted house. There are many haunted house or scary places one could go all around Mississippi. Such as, Bailey Haunted Firehouse in Meridian, Cedar Hill’s Haunted Farm in Hernando, House of the Haunted Fields and Haunted Fields Hayride in Raymond, Hurricane House and Forest in Thaxton, The Dark Zone in Brandon, and The Terror Test Haunted Attractions in Lumberton. I have always wanted to go to one of these places, however, I have never dared to go because even though I want to I am terrified. I hope this Halloween I get the courage to go. 

Family is an important part of any holiday and traditionThis Halloween I want to spend as much time possible with friends and family. It is a tradition for all of us to get together and watch a couple of scary movies the night of Halloween. Which I can at most handle two movies because then I would be having awful nightmares, and plus I am the type of person that prefers romantic movies not spooky and screaming my lungs out type of movies. However, I additionally plan on eating tons of candy, carving a pumpkin, cooking a lot of food for everyone, baking a cake or cookies with the Halloween theme, and telling horror stories or something unusual each one has experienced once in their lifetime. I also love doing make-up so I would love to try to experiment doing scary makeup themes. One thing I have never done but would love to go is to go to a pumpkin patch. I have always seen cute pictures of pumpkin patches and always wanted to go, however, time has never allowed me to go. This year, I hope to have another successful Halloween with my family and friends. 

Halloween parties are always fun. If one is afraid of getting scared and going to a haunted place going to a Halloween party is totally understandable. If one does not know of a party near them then throw ones owns party. Doing ones own Halloween party should be an exciting and unforgettable experience. One always gets to see the costumes everyone brings and gets to critic them. Which sounds impolite but this is my favorite part about Halloween. Many costumes get repeated a lot, but it is always fun to see who pulls them off the best. Top costumes this year would most likely be The Joker and ItThe costume from It would pretty much be any clown costume. Costumes contests are enjoyable to watch since Halloween is all about costumes. This year, Halloween party is on the top of my list. 

This Halloween, I hope this turns out to be another unforgettable and special Halloween so it can be remembered always.