Halloween Prompt

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

Harvest Festival or No? 

Schools have decided to replace Halloween with a harvest festival.  Many people are opposed to the idea, but I agree with it.  I like the idea of a harvest festival because we could get out of class; food would be provided; and we could spend the day with our friends. 

Because I am a student, my least favorite thing to do is sit in class especially on Halloween.  I want to run out of the school and go trickortreating right then and there.  If we were to have a harvest festival, we could get out of class.  I think that this is a good idea because not a lot of people focus in class anyways.  Everyone is too focused on staring at the people who dressed up for Halloween.  Since we don’t pay attention, I think it is just best to entertain the students while also rewarding them with a harvest festival.  This could even take place of some of the other ways that the school rewards us like pizza and a movie.  This could give the school more options when they are deciding what they want to reward us with. 

Another great thing about a harvest festival would be the food provided.  Everyone knows that cafeteria food isn’t the best thing in the world.  This would take place of the cafeteria food for at least one day.  Everyone could pay for their lunch at the harvest festival, and the school could even profit off of this harvest festival.  I think that this would be a good way for students to learn about what different cultures cook for fall.  The school could turn it into a teaching experience.  I know that I would be very interested in what other cultures consider “fall” food. 

The festival would also be a way for everyone to hang out with their friends and have a good time.  Many people do not think of school as a fun place, but things like this harvest festival could start to change people’s minds.  I also think that it is important for students to possibly find new friends even if they have a lot of friends.  A harvest festival could also be an excellent way for students that don’t have many friends.  They can find new friends who will talk to them and support them.  We could even start a new trend for other schools to consider.  This would be a great way to spread positivity through the school system and get students more excited for school.  Our school also has a problem with school spirit, and this could hopefully get our student body back together again.  We could participate in games together and get to know so many new people who might like to cheer on the team with us.  I think that a harvest festival would be a great idea for our school. 

Even though Halloween is a very exciting day for some people, I think that a harvest festival would benefit our school more.  A festival would get people fired up about our school and could possibly help tremendously.