Halloween Prompt

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

Halloween Should Not Be Outlawed. 

I do not think that Halloween should be outlawed.  Halloween is such an exciting event for kids of all ages and to take that away would possibly ruin someone’s childhood.  I think that if we outlaw Halloween, many kids would be devastated, businesses would lose revenue, and the whole month of October would be ruined. 

Kids look forward to Halloween because they can dress up and eat a lot of candy.  If we got rid of Halloween, that would absolutely destroy kids dreams of getting to dress as whoever they want and eating candy all night long.  I know from experience that kids will begin to brainstorm what type of character they want to be next year before Halloween is even over because they enjoy it so much.  It is also the one day that kids are allowed to eat as much candy as they want without being told to throw it away.  I just think that it would be very cruel to take something away from them that has been an important day for so long.  No one likes to be the bad guy who ruined Halloween for kids. 

Businesses make copious amounts of money during Halloween because people buy clothes, food, and party items.  Almost every single kid in the city participates in Halloween.  This means that businesses that carry costumes would lose money if Halloween were to be outlawed.  Many other people besides kids will participate by buying candy to give out to the kids.  Candy may not cost very much money but buying the amount of candy needed for Halloween can seriously rack up cash.  People will also want to get food for parties that kids may have at school or around the neighborhood.  Halloween not only is fun for kids, but it also helps businesses to earn more money. 

October is always known as the month of Halloween since we have to wait until the very last day of the month to celebrate it.  There are signs everywhere promoting it.  It is also hard not to hear people talk about it all month because it is highly anticipated.  Because it is so promoted and known, Halloween would be very hard to get rid of.  The whole month of October would be ruined for so many people who look forward to Halloween.  Many people even have jobs that revolve around Halloween now that it has become such a well-known day.  Haunted houses are known as fun places to go and hang out with friends while getting scared.  There are a lot of people, however, that call places like these their jobs.  Halloween is essentially their way of life.  There are also people who dress up for Halloween parties and get paid for it.  Without Halloween, there would be no more spooky decorations to go see, and there would also be no more fun, new costumes to showcase. 

Halloween may not be for everyone, but we can all agree that it is still a fun day for most.  Halloween has been around for so long, and I think that it should continue to thrill for years to come.  October just wouldn’t be the same without it.