Halloween prompt

Vale Gonzalez, Newspaper staff member

Do you like reading scary books or going to scary movies? Why or why not. 

When I was little scary movies was one of my least favorite things to watch, but for some reason they always intrigued me. As I grew up they became more and more interesting to me, not necessarily scary but kind of like thrillers, I love mystery, like murdering cases or stuff similar. When I was little I wanted to be a detective because stuff like that really made me think and want to solve the mystery since that is one of my favorite things to do. Right now I am neutral with it, I don’t mind scary movies but they are not my favorite thing in the world. I really do like mystery books because while reading them its like if you where in your own world, is the same like the movies. I’m really not a fan of scary movies or books, but I don’t mind them. One of my favorite thriller movies to watch it prisoner. Its really interesting to watch, and personally one of the best thriller movies that I have watched so far. One of the book that I really liked, was this book that I read in sixth grade I cant quite well remember the name of it, but it was a really book, it was a thriller, and at that time was one of the best book that I have ever read.  Romance kind of things, and comedy kind of shows movies or books have never really been my thing to watch all the time, sure I can watch some movies about that but they are not my absolute favorite.  If I had to choose one kind of movies it will either have to be thrillers/horror/drama, its just really interesting.  Those are some of the reasons why I like scary/thriller movies and books, I could really spend a whole day watching thrillers. Sometimes when i’m reading a scary/thriller book I just imagine myself being in that situation and it makes it more entertaining to read, same for the movie. So all summed up I do like to watch scary movies and read some about it but I prefer thrillers, and i’m not exactly a fan of it but I do find it entertaining to watch in some occasions.


What are some of the most popular costumes this year for Halloween and why.

Every year, in each Halloween more and more kids dress up and go get their candy. But, what are some of the most popular costumes that kids or people wear in Halloween?. For most girl, they like to be dressed as princesses, probably because most little girls see princesses as an example and want to be and act like them. So what is the best day they can show off how good of a princes they look? Yes, in Halloween. Dressing like a princess is one of the most popular costumes to be dressed like around the world. Now the second most popular outfit that kids or people wear for Halloween are Super Heroes. Little kids like to dress up as Super Heroes because they see them as a great example to follow, especially when at those young ages they want to save the world and become real Heroes. Halloween is one of the days where you can actually look and act like one. Even grown ups for Halloween dress like Super Heroes, because they might think they are really cool, or be a fan of one of them. Everyone has to admit they wanted to be a Super Hero at least one time of their lives. The third most popular costume to wear for Halloween are of course monster, but what kind of monsters?. The first most popular Monster that people dress like in Halloween are Vampires,  Vampires are really cool for most people because they can drink blood or because they can turn into Bats or more stuff, and me personally think vampires are kind of cool, the way they look maybe. The third most popular “Monster” creature people dress like are Ghost, pretty much spirits, most people like to dress up as ghosts because they find them cool and scary, and because its kind of easy to look like a Ghost, you just have to put a blanket over your head. And the third most popular costume to wear is a witch. For most people witches are cool because they can use magic, and they can fly in brooms and because they just look cool, plus dressing like a witch is not really hard, the only thing you really have to do it to find a hat and to find a broom and a long black dress. Out of all of them, those are the most popular Halloween costumes this year.