Halloween Writing Prompts

Daniel Villarreal, Newspaper Staff Member

If you could only do one , would you rather go to a Halloween party or go trick-or-treating ? Why ?

If I only had to pick one I would have to go with a Halloween party. In my  own opinion I feel that after you reach the age of about fourteen that you are to old to be  trick-or-treating in my opinion. I would much rather go to a Halloween party then trick-or-treating. I think that trick-or-treating in more dangers then a Halloween party especially when you trick-or-treat late at night. When there are people in this world that are not really that good of people . That is another thing as why I would go to a Halloween party then to trick-or-treat.

For me it would be way more fun to go to a Halloween party because I would in joy it more then trick-or-treating because I am older. Some older teens may disagree with me and say that they would like to trick-or-treating then go to a Halloween party.