Pro Tips For Tests

Daylen Irwin, Newspaper Staff Member

                             Tests are important cause they can change a lot of things. They can change what classes you have. It affects your classes for the rest of your school days.         STUDY

Look over it the night before the test. Right before you are about to take the test, look over your notes for a couple minutes. This will help you get a fresh look at it again. It will boost your memory and help you remember it more. If you look over it more than once, you are 10% more likely to pass the test.


Eat breakfast so you can get your energy. Eat a good breakfast. Drink water or something like milk or juice. Eat like a pop tarts or a donuts for a little energy. Rest your mind and body. The more glucose you put in your body, the more energy you will get. Glucose is the body’s energy source.

                                STAY AWAKE 

If you are dazing off during the test, ask if you can go splash water on your face to wake up. Stay focused, don’t get off task. Don’t ever lay your head down. Focus on the test nothing else. Drink plenty of water. Chew gum, it will help keep you awake.

                               STAY FOCUSED

Don’t ever daze off. When you can’t focus ask to splash some water on your face. Don’t think about anything other than the test. Remove all distractions. Pace yourself through out the test.


If you don’t read all your answer choices, you are 50% more likely to miss the question. When you don’t read all the answer choices you are limiting yourself. If you read all answer choices you are 50% more likely to get it right. You should be able to eliminate two answer choices, the boneheads. Boneheads are the stupid answer choices.