Pro Tips For Tests

Vale Gonzalez, Newspaper staff member

Test are really important for students. You might be wondering why? one of the first reasons why test are important for students its because it lets us know about our knowledge, about what we know, and about the jobs we can get in the future. Also it helps our grades, and everything we do in school will pass on to college and that’s where we will get very important jobs. All because of our knowledge and the tests we took.


Make sure to check all your notes and study them right before the exam: 

Something that has really helped me and probably other people is reviewing your notes right before the exam. For me when you study right before the exam, I feel like its more fresh on your mind, and you remember it more easily, you’ll also feel more confident about it because you will know what is on the test and also it will be just easier to remember what you’re doing when you’re taking the test.


Ask a classmate or friend to test you before the test: 

It really helps to ask a friend to test you right before the test, because you will feel more confident about your answers. Also it will help you memorize whats going to be on the test,  they could correct you if you’re wrong and now you might get that answer right, because it will stay on your mind. While you are studying with your friend it could also help them too and it will help you remember stuff that you probably did not remember.


Practice what your doing multiple times:

It could be reading or writing but right before the test, practice as much as you can, make your mind comfortable with what your about to do, try to focus about what you’re doing and practice until you get the correct answer or it looks like what you’re doing is good enough. Also if you practice before the test you will feel way confident knowing you know what to do.


Have a good breakfast and a good night sleep:

When you have a good breakfast and a good night sleep, it could really help your mind focus more on the test, because you will have plenty of energy to know what you are doing. If you are sleepy your mind will be wondering off, because you will have your focus on how much you want to sleep and how tired you are. Same thing for good breakfast, if you don’t have any food before starting the day, you will have no energy at all and you will be thinking about how hungry you are. That’s why its important to have a good night sleep and have good breakfast.


Make sure you are confident and relaxed:

Sometimes if we are really anxious, we could stop concentrating on the test, or even not want to take it. It is really important to be relaxed when you are about to take a test, because you will probably be paying more attention to the question and instructions, instead of how bad the test is going to be, and if you are anxious and think you are going to fail the quiz, that is negativity and it will probably make you get some answers wrong. But when you are positive about the test it will make you more confident and it will be easier for you to focus.


This tips will help you in your tests or exams, because if it works for one person in one kind of way it has to help more, remember that test are really important because they are prescribing your future, and what you will become in life. Because if you can be the best, then why not try to be the best?.