Pro Tips for Tests

Alexa Garcia, Newspaper Staff Member

Pro Tips for Tests 

We all know the stress associated with tests. However, we have to figure out the best way to approach that stress. Stress can be seen as an adrenaline that can help boost us up to give us a good fresh start. These tips have helped me be successful when taking test.


1.Take Your Time 

  • The biggest problem students have is that they want to rush everything to get it over with and that is not the route someone should take. When taking a test, always take your time and read everything carefully because you might miss something important. Take the time to read the directions and know what is expect of you before you start your test. You might miss the simplest directions just because you decided you wanted to rush to finish. Patience and time will always be your main and most helpful tips for tests.

2. Study Properly 

  • If you do not know the material on the test, how do you expect to pass it? Always try reviewing before the test all the material and making sure you understand everything properly. Because if you know the information, you can worry less because you actually know what you are doing. Also, if possible, do not study a night before the test. Do not try to put so much information in your brain at once because it will only confuse you even more. Give yourself time to understand everything fully.  

3.Get Enough Sleep 

  • If you do not get enough sleep your brain is going to be tired, and it will not take information in the same as if your brain was fully rested. It is scientifically proved that getting enough sleep will help with memory recall, and you are more likely to ace your test. Do not spend all night studying because after a couple hours you are going to comprehend that you are just not going to clearly understand it. Spending all night studying will always make your brain even more tried and will make things worse. Sleep is key to acing a test.  


  • When being handed the test, we as students get nervous and suddenly blank out. However, we should not panic. Just breathe and relax, if you studied and know your information well it will instantly come back. On the other hand, if you start to panic and become tense it will be much harder to remember things. So just remember to stay calm and it will eventually come back. Do not bring yourself down or think negative.  

5.Check Your Work 

  • Weather you have five or twenty minutes left it is always important to check your work. Reading over your work might help you rethink your answers and help you fix careless mistakes. Additionally, it can also help add extra details you had not thought of before. Also, spend time going back and checking over the hardest questions to make sure you are satisfied with your answers. Use all the time given for the test.  


These tips had helped me fixed my careless mistakes and approach tests the best way. These are the top five tips for success.