Favorite TV Shows

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

The Office 

The Office is a comedy TV Show that is aired on Netflix.  It has a total of nine seasons with about twenty episodes per season.  Some of the characters of The Office include Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski, and Jenna Fischer.  The Office was a show that I really liked because it showed just how dysfunctional an office can be.  It was very relatable while still being funny.  It showed jokes between characters, a very annoying boss who just wants to have fun, and a few love stories along the way.  The best thing about the show is that it still found a way to be serious.  Many unusual relationships formed on the show that helped me to realize that two people don’t have to be alike to understand each other.  Because of this, The Office is one of my favorite shows.  I find myself watching the show almost every afternoon when I come home from school.  The best thing is that I have never gotten bored of the show because of its diversity.  There is something new and exciting coming in every episode.  The characters are just as unpredictable as people in real life.  I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who wants to watch a whole show in a matter of a couple of weeks.  It doesn’t take long at all to become so engrossed in this show.  When I started to watch it, I couldn’t stop watching because it was so interesting and funny.  To me, those are the best type of shows to watch because they are lighthearted, and they don’t have huge, complicated back stories. 


Friends is another comedy show that I really enjoy.  Friends has ten seasons on Netflix.  Some of the characters of Friends include Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, and Matt LeBlanc.  I enjoy watching Friends because it is basically just a comedy show about everyone and their friends.  It is really easy to relate to it because everyone has a friend that they act silly with.  Just like The Office, it includes many funny parts while also developing different relationships that are unusual.  While some things in the show can be predictable, there are many aspects of the show that completely caught me off guard.  I like that they switch between those two things.  My favorite thing about this show is that at the end of the day everyone comes back together as friends.  The show doesn’t have serious drama in it that goes on for seasons, and I like that because I don’t have to try and keep up with the drama.  It is nice just to sit down and watch something that is really funny.  It is also really easy to get attached to some of the characters after watching the show for a while, so it feels like they are actually your own friends.  It is so easy to get involved in the show since they make it so relatable.  I like that I can relate so much to the show.  The actors don’t even look like they are acting sometimes because it just looks like a group of really good friends having a really good time. 


 Reba is my favorite TV show.  It has six seasons in total.  The characters of Reba are Reba McEntire, JoAnna Garcia, Steve Howey, Christopher Rich, and Melissa Peterman.  I watched the show growing up as a kid and always enjoyed it.  It consists of a dysfunctional family living their everyday life.  I love how real this show is about family and the fights that come with it.  They face the same struggles as real families do.  It also taught me that even though families don’t always agree, it can always be resolved through talking.  I think that watching this as a child helped me to accept that all families have flaws and that it is okay.  I like that it taught me things growing up.  My favorite character is Reba.  She showed real character development throughout the whole TV show.  She started out as being bitter about her family’s breakup and then learned to get along with the people who caused the breakup.  I enjoyed everyone’s character development because some of them were teenagers.  Because some of them were teenagers, I got to understand what growing up looks like, and I was less scared of being a teenager.  Out of all of the main characters on these three shows, the main character from Reba was my favorite.  She was so sarcastic and seemed like she hated everyone.  Her facial expressions were always the best.  I think that she was the easiest for me to relate to.  Her personality is a lot like mine, so it is like I am watching myself on the TV screen.