Importance of Voting

Alexa Garcia, Newspaper Staff Member

 Importance of Voting

As citizens it is our responsibility to vote. People whine about the government but do not do anything to make a change in society. Voting is a way for people to feel safe about the government and the choices the government makes for the country. Voting is important because it lets the people’s voice be heard, it helps the nation stay balanced , and every vote matters. 

Voting is a way for people to speak out in favor of their opinion. Also, it lets people make a decision for change and advancement in society. In 2008, only sixty-three percent of the population in Mississippi voted. This means people are not letting their voice be heard which makes it harder to have a change in the country. If a person dislikes how much taxes are raised and there is a candidate that promises to decrease those taxes, then those people  need to speak up and express their opinion by voting. 

Voting keeps the country from being a dictatorship and more of a democracy. In other words, there is a President that is in charge of everything, but citizens vote him/her in to represent the country and the people. It makes it a lot harder when people do not want to vote, yet they want to have an actual democracy. Voting not only ensures one a secure future, but one is also leaving a secure government system for future generations. 

When voting for a candidate, whether it is for President or Governor, every vote matters. Every citizen has an opinion so one person can make a difference. Voting is not to benefit the government-  it is to benefit oneself. Many people view voting as a privilege because many countries do not get to vote for their own President, Governor, mayor, or senators. Also, there have been many instants in history where it proves every vote matters. For example, Texas might not have been part of the United States in 1845 if one person would have voted differently. Additionally, Richard Nixon would have been president in 1960 instead of John F. Kennedy if only one person would have voted differently in the Senate. Every citizen’s vote matters.  

Voting is a right and obligation as citizens of the country. It is the responsibility of everyone to keep the government in sight and the best way to do that is to vote.