Importance of Voting

Abby Black, Newspaper Staff Member

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Importance of Voting

Voting is one of the most powerful rights that citizens have in the United States.  Voting is important for people to participate in because it allows citizens’ voices to be heard, it is a citizen’s right and duty, and it helps keep the government in check. 

Voting is an excellent way for citizens to allow their voice to be heard.  Without voting, citizens would have to sit by and watch helplessly as candidates would be put into power.  There would be no say in who went in, and the common citizen would have no voice.  Because of this, poor choices would be made as they wouldn’t be made in favor of the masses.   

Voting is a special privilege as well as a common duty for the citizens of the United States.  It is the duty of the citizens to help the government run as smoothly as possible while still keeping everyone’s best interests in mind.  For this to work, voting was established as a privilege.  Citizens do not have to vote, but it helps keep the government in check.  The Founding Fathers wanted to make sure that the citizens of the United States were never oppressed again like they were when Britain was in control.  They wanted the citizens to be able to protect themselves against the more powerful government.  Because of this, they established the rights of all citizens which included voting.   

The government runs the United States, so it is best to keep them in check by voting.  Voting ensures that the right person will be put in who citizens can trust.  If government officials elected who they wanted, the whole system would be corrupt and unjust.  It is only fair that the citizens get to vote for who they want in a position because it concerns them.  It would be unfair for citizens to have to obey someone that they did not trust or did not respect.   

Because citizens are normal people who have to obey those in higher positions, voting was put in place to make sure that the citizens are safe.  Voting is an admirable way for citizens to help keep the government in line through their own voices as well as their actions.