Importance of Voting

Daniel Villarreal, Newspaper Staff Member

 The Importance of Voting

Voting is a very important right. Many people in the past in our country’s past fought very hard and risked their lives to be able to vote.
Having the privilege to vote is denied to lots of people in other countries and the freedom to be able to in our present time shows that we all have a say in our country.
It’s important to vote because we are able to voice our opinion on who or what we agree or disagree on:that just one vote does matter, even if we think otherwise.

People can vote in different parties which should not be allowed. It is all people making the vote count and seems like that it separates us all from unity.  When you vote it gives you a voice that dose count.   Many people do not vote in our country. It is one of the most important rights we have and our greatest responsibility to make sure we can get out and vote. Nobody can force a citizen to vote but it needs to be an important priority in this country.

Voting lets the government be chosen by the people. We have the freedom to choose and we always need to understand to vote and speak for what we believe in. We have a say so about the government in the country we live in and fight for the thing and rights that we want. Millions of citizens are registered voters in this country but many do not vote,unfortunately. These people who can vote and choose not to give up the right to agree or disagree with any final decisions on the outcome. Every person that has the right to vote

Voting is so important because you play a role in choosing our leaders and changing so many laws in our country just by voting. We only need to be 18 or older to be able to vote in all elections for federal state  and local voting elections. It is important to vote on the candidates that you have learned about and the issues that they will be fighting for in the government all together. We should always know or be ready to learn about all that is going on in the society and local elections so you can try to make the best choices on your votes. That is the importance of voting.