“Student Use of Drugs and Alcohol”

Alexa Garcia-Del Rio, Staff Writer

Throughout the years, students’ usage of drugs and alcohol have become a major issue in public schools. Studies have shown that drugs, such as marijuana, is the most frequent used drug among students. Approximately twenty-two through thirty-three percent of students report intaking marijuana in the past year. Additionally, four out of five students in public schools consume alcohol.

Reasons for taking drugs include stress, curiosity, peer pressure, or even course overload. Many students see drugs as a way to cope because they may be facing high demands of coursework, part-time jobs, or many other reasons. Also, students may take Adderall which is known as the “study drug.” Students take Adderall to stay awake to complete assignments or to study. Curiosity is something very common because students start exploring a new aspect of their lives and it is normal for students to use that as an excuse for drug experimentations. Peer pressure mostly happens because students are surrounded by people who are already experimenting, and students are more likely to want to try these drugs themselves.

Alcohol makes up the majority of problems because socially drinking is acceptable. Alcohol is the most popular and dangerous substance a student can possible consume because it has long term consequences. Alcohol cannot only affect your health but also result in becoming arrested, injured, or even death.

In like many public school, Pearl High school suffers with the intaking of drugs and consumption of alcohol among students. More than half of the students at this school intake some type of drug and abuse the consumption of alcohol. Many students have also been suspended for abuse of drugs and alcohol.

To solve the problem of the extreme usage of drugs and alcohol in public schools, schools should not only do drugs testing with students who are in sports but all the students at the school. At least every two months, public schools should try to drugs test all students in general. Since most students that intake drugs are not in any sport and testing, all students in general will help public school significantly.

According to the National Insititute on Drug Abuse, by the time high school students become seniors, seventy percent have already tried alcohol, fifty percent will have abused an illicit drug, forty percent will have even smoked a cigarette, and twenty percent will have used a prescription drug recreationally. Young teenagers may feel consuming or intaking drugs will help them fit in socially.

Drugs and alcohol consumption among students will affect their academic standards and will always result in long term consequences if not done something to solve this major issue.