“The Crescent Moon Hotel”


Mia Jones, Staff Writer

The Crescent Moon Hotel, also known as “Americas Most HauntedHhotel”, has many spooky stories to its name. The hotel is in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The construction process begun in 1884 and was finished in May of 1886. This 78-room resort cost approximately $294,000 to build, which was a very high price in those days.  

When the building first opened, it was used as a resort hotel with many extravagant parties and tea dances. The hotel lasted up until 1908 when it was then used as a college for young women. The college closed in 1934, just to be bought by Norman Baker three years later. Baker bought the hotel for the purpose of opening a “cancer hospital.” This was where the spooky stories originated from. Baker’s hospital was open until 1940 when it was shut down when Baker got arrested for mail fraud. He made around $500,000 a year and defrauded his patients of $4,000,000. Baker’s “miracle elixir” was containing nothing but watermelon seeds, alcohol, clover, corn silk and carbolic acid. Since Baker’s elixir did not work, about 420 patients died at the hospital and were stacked on top of one another inside the morgue. It is said that these patients still roam the halls.   

Although there are supposedly many ghosts roaming the halls, a more famous one would be Michael. He was one of the masons working on the building in 1885. One day while working, Michael lost his balance while on a ladder and fell to his death on the second floor. Room 218 is said to be the most haunted room in the hotel because it was built around the spot where the man died. Many guests have been shaken by the hands coming out of the mirrors and the cry of Michael. Other ghosts that have been said to be seen was a nurse from when “Doctor” Baker ran the hospital, Theodora, and even Doctor Baker himself. The nurse only appears after 11:00 p.m. and can be seen pushing a gurney on the third floor. Theodora, a cancer patient, may be seen in room 419, another room that is supposedly haunted. Doctor Baker however, can be seen in the recreation room in the basement or the bottom of the stairway.  

There are several ghost tours for which people can buy tickets and go on to learn more about the haunted hotel and its deceased guests. On the ghost tours, the tourists are taken all throughout the hotel and even down into the morgue where the bodies used to lay. Tourists are also allowed to lay down in the morgue in the very spots where the bodies were; although many people wouldn’t lay on such a floor, many people do. The tour guides give the option of receiving the full experience and allow people to lay on the ground in the dark (almost pitch black) and shut the doorthis is when the ghosts can be seen looking over them.