“Which Holiday is Better”

Mia Jones, Staff Writer

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From the very beginning there has been quite a controversy on which holiday is considered to be better, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Both holidays are huge celebrations that bring anyone and everyone together.  

Christmas is supposedly the “better” holiday according to most people but not everyone. Some people enjoy the fact that family can be brought together without the presence of presents or gifts. Those people probably don’t enjoy Christmas as much as they enjoy Thanksgiving. Also, Thanksgiving is somewhat a relief because no one has to worry about getting the “right” gift. Football is always a plus for the many sports fans. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition that is very popular and loved by most. Watching the parade is a very entertaining thing to do while friends and family wait for their food to be ready. A big reason why this holiday is as popular as it is, is because it is a time to really show people how much you appreciate them and all that they do. Thanksgiving has nothing to do with religion, which is why some people prefer it over Christmas. Thanksgiving welcomes people of all cultures, religion, race, etc. 

On the other hand, Christmas is known for more than just giving and receiving gifts. It’s a time to be happy and kind and spread Christmas cheer. This holiday is more than just one day, for most people it begins the day after Thanksgiving and for the people who really love Christmas, after Halloween. There is the well-known “Countdown to Christmas” special on tv that shows the best Christmas movies. Another good thing about this holiday is the amazing music, from traditional to today’s hits. Everyone knows that nothing beats Christmas movies and music. For the people (mostly teens or children) the gifts and stockings are always a plus. For most students, not having to go to school is somewhat of a miracle, so Christmas break is a blessing. After all, Christmas break is longer than Thanksgiving break. Lastly, the birth of Jesus. The entire holiday was built around the story of Jesus’s birth, without it, there might not be a Christmas. 

Although Christmas may be identified as the “better holiday” to most people, both holidays call for celebration. Each holiday has its own advantages, it is up to the people to decide with holiday is better in their minds.