“A True Inspiration”

Alexa Garcia-Del Rio, Staff Writer

Do you believe the happiness of your life has anything to do with the quality of your thoughts? If you don’t let me tell you a story about a guy named, Matt.

Matt had been in an awful motorcycle accident in June of 2017. In that accident, Matt’s wife died. If this wasn’t terrible enough Matt was severely injured, almost to the point that he could die. Matt broke forty-two bones and burned over thirty-three percent of his body. Matt spent two months in Cleveland Metro burn unit, one month in rehab and another nine months in therapy. Doctors were not sure that Matt would even live. Then he received the report saying it was doubtful he would ever walk again.

If there was anyone that could have fallen to depression, and self-pity it would be Matt. However, believe it or not he decided not too. Matt worked hard in rehab and therapy and never let himself down. It took some time, yet he not only lived, but he can also walk. Believe it or not, Matt went back to work this past April 2018.

Matt always used to say a quote to never let himself down, “Train your mind to see the good in everything, Positivity is a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”

Matt decided that is new goal is to write a book telling his story and share his story to help others. Even though life took almost everything from Matt, he never let himself down he wanted to work hard to get his life back. Matt liked to do public speaking to encourage others to do the same, think positivity and make your mind make good choices for your own happiness.

Matt is a true inspiration!