“Chi Chi: The American Hero Dog”

Allana Dedmon, Staff Writer

In this year’s American Hero Dog award nominations, Chi Chi the golden retriever is named 2018’s Hero Dog. Chi Chi is one extraordinary dog and has earned her title through her powerful story and her ability to help others.

In an annual competition created by American Humane, dogs compete in categories that will determine the winner of the competition. The competition is not just for the title, but to commemorate and honor the special dogs that have done amazing things in their lives. After earning their title, these dogs and their families are taken to the city of Los Angeles, where they get to walk the red carpet, meet celebrities and have their stories shared to the world. This year, Chi Chi has been awarded for her acts of courage and heroism by becoming the 2018 American Hero Dog.

Chi Chi was found tied up in a garbage bag in South Korea where she was in critical condition, the circulation to her legs completely cut off, and the only way to save her life was to amputate all four of her paws. While Chi Chi had a rough start, she was able to pull through and find a new beginning with a family who’s giving her the life she deserves. Chi Chi is now full of life and well-spirited, and she’s on a journey to help others who are struggling. With the use of her powerful story and caring nature, Chi Chi has become a certified therapy animal, showing others how to overcome the obstacles in their lives just like she did. People all over the nation are inspired by Chi Chi and her four prosthetic paws, which is why she rightfully won the American Hero Dog competition.