“Mississippi’s Graduation Requirements”

Angel Helom, Staff Writer

Mississippi’s graduating test law have been around for over a decade. Many opposed this law and have been wanting to get rid of it for a while now. A new law was proposed to do away with the graduating test and for months the law itself was being examined. Graduation test were imposed upon students and would determine if they would graduate high school or not. Graduating tests do not have to be imposed upon all high schools. For example, California and Arizona have removed exit exams as a requirement to graduate high school. Certain states have removed the graduating exam because it has damaged society more than help it. The National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences conducted a research that concluded not only did these exams have they done nothing to lift student achievement, but they ironically have raised the dropout rate. This aspect is what put the final stamp on getting rid of the exit exams for Arizona. The Board of Education found no benefits to the test but a lot of harm. Here in Mississippi, each year 600 have enough credits, but because they didn’t past the exit exam, they were denied a diploma. This law alone has sparked up a lot of controversy throughout the state of Mississippi considering a majority wanted to do away with this test. Although the majority voted to do away with the graduating test, the law itself was still rejected 

Graduating test causes extreme anxiety and leads to dropout rates increasing because of the high standards set by society. Test will never measure the amount of knowledge any one can human contain. The goal for every school, teacher, and student should be to decrease the amount of anxiety and stressed placed upon the students before and during standardized testing. If this goal is met, the dropout rate will become almost extinct. Hopefully one day soon, Mississippi can and will improve this law.