“Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Wall”

Abby Black, Staff Writer

Trump declared a national emergency so he could get the money to build his wall.  This would allow him to go around Congress by using allocated funds for the construction of the wall.  He wanted to go around Congress because they have been the ones holding him back.  While he is dead set on a wall, many Americans don’t feel as strongly.  Many Americans agree that better security should be set up at the border, but they do not think to go as far as a wall.  There are many pros and cons for this border wall issue.

Pros of this wall are decreased illegal immigration, safety, and the economy.  Immigration is a very big issue for America.  While not all bring evil, some who cross the border illegally bring things like drug dealing and human trafficking.  Many people want this wall because it is not the legal immigrants that give the US problems.  Many Americans feel unsafe that live near the border.  Illegal immigrants hide in their backyards, so they won’t get caught.  Many people even voted for Trump because they knew he would do something about these illegal immigrants.  Lastly, America does not have the economy for immigrants.  According to research, the average illegal immigrant household receives $24,721 in government benefit, but their taxes only account for $10,344.

Though there are many pros to this argument, there are still just as many cons.  Cons of the wall are the cost, illegal immigration will not stop, and a symbol of discrimination.  The cost of building the wall has now far exceeded what anyone thought it would be.  It is clear that no one else will pay for this wall than the American people.  This will come in the form of higher taxes.  Also, illegal immigration will never end.  They will always find a way to get in somehow.  It would be terrible for the people of the United States to pay for a wall that will never really work.  This would all crumble down on the American people.  Lastly, the United States would send a symbol of discrimination out to the world if we were to build a wall.  This would damage some of the relationships with other nations if they felt as though America looked down on others so blatantly.

I think that the wall could possibly be a waste of our time and money.  Immigration will not stop just because we put up a wall.  That is like some type of challenge to the illegal immigrants.  I think that it would hurt the American people the most because of higher taxes.  They would have to pay for this expensive wall just for it not to work properly.  I think that the United States should make it easier for immigrants to gain their citizenship.  The main reason why people pass the border is because they don’t want to wait years for their citizenship.  I think lowering the time it takes to gain citizenship would help tremendously.