“Paul Walker”

Mia Jones, Staff Writer

 Paul William Walker IV was born on September 12, 1973 in Glendale, California. From the moment Paul was born, his parents knew he would be a star. He has two sisters Amie and Ashlie, as well as two brothers, Caleb and Cody. His parents, Paul William Walker III and Cheryl Crabtree Walker parted ways in September of 2004. Paul had always been a sports fan and actively participated in soccer and surfing growing up. This was of course until the world realized what a star he was. 

 Paul’s first appearance on television was in 1986 when he was cast in the family sitcom, Throb. He also began modeling around the same time until he was later cast in the film Tammy and the T-Rex eight years later. He graduated from Village Christian High School in Sun Valley, California in 1991. Although he was cast in a couple different films, he was cast in his first hit in 1998, Pleasantville. This was a big year for Paul because not long after, he had his daughter Meadow with his girlfriend at the time, Rebecca Soteros. In 1999, Paul starred in two teen films, She’s All That and Varsity Blues then The Skulls a year later. The Fast and The Furious was his last major hit. He played a huge role in the rest of the series, lasting up until 2013.  

Although Paul was obviously into cars and driving fast, what many people didn’t know was that he was also fascinated with Marine Biology. It was considered his “first love.” He attended the California community college where he majored in Marine Biology. He was also very inspired by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Paul was a board member of the Billfish Foundation.  

People had always said that Paul was “one of a kind.” He was a person that would never been seen unhappy. On November 30th, 2013, Paul died in a car accident after attending a charity event, devastating millions of people. However, the series continued until ending two years later after the completion of the seventh movie which was underwork during the time in which Paul passed. Paul’s co-star, best friend, and “brother”, Vin Diesel, named his daughter Pauline in memory of Walker. Although his passing was a tragedy, people remembered him for his radiant, strong-willed, and friendly personality.