“Gabrielle Union”

Angel Helom, Staff Writer

 Born in Omaha, Nebraska, she’s starred in many big-time movies and just recently had a beautiful baby girl. She’s more than an actress and is a wonderful wife. Can you guess who we are referring to?  

Mrs. Gabrielle Monique Union-Wade has been in the entertainment business for over twenty-years. Growing up Gabby was not always on the perfect road.  While at her part-time job, a cashier Payless, a robber attacked and raped her at the age of nineteen. Gabrielle said that had it not been for the lessons she learned by watching Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, she would have never survived. Payless was sued for negligence due to them not warning the employees of the robber who earlier robbed another Payless near their store before making to their location. 

 Gabrielle started auditioning for her first roles in 1997. It wasn’t until 2000 in the hit movie “Bring It On” that her career skyrocketed. After that, she starred in everything from movie films to TV shows to reality shows. In the year 2014, she met her partner for a lifetime. Dwayne Wade, a famous basketball player for the Miami Heat team, proposed and married to Mrs. Gabrielle Union-Wade. They are the couple goals for everyone. Gabrielle understands she has a voice as a black woman in entertainment and takes advantage of that. She advocated for several monumental cases seen in the U.S. and supported President Barack Obama in his presidential campaign. On top of that she wrote her first book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, in 2017, and it was named one the best books of the year.  

The thing that makes Gabrielle Union stand out the most to me is her infertility story. Her dream had always been to get married and start a family, but at first the goal to start a family could not be accomplished. Gabrielle miscarried about eight or nine times until she was finally diagnosed, after seeing serval doctors, with adenomyosis. Adenomyosis is endometriosis of the muscle. The endometrial tissue exists and grows within the uterine wall. She and Dwayne eventually decided to get a surrogate. That now have a beautiful baby girl name Kaavia James who is as healthy as ever. I admired Gabrielle through her experiences and trials because she always kept her composure and never gave up. She has even talked about in plenty of interviews without so much as a frown. She is a very strong woman, actor, person, and most of all, mom.