“Are Cell Phones Harmful”


Mia Jones, Staff Writer

There has been a lot of talk about whether or not cell phones are good for our health. It has been proven that in some ways cell phones may be harmful to people of all ages. Although cell phones are very fun and useful, they can do a lot of damage to people who are not careful.  

Cell phone usage has grown tremendously since 1996, going from forty million adults to 330 million just in America. Adults are not the only ones using these devices. It has also become a problem for teens and children. A huge issue that seems to form around the word “cell phone” is cancer. Sweden’s studies suggest that decades of cell phone usage will triple a person’s chance of brain cancer. Also, many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer believe that it was caused by sticking their cell phones in their bra. Tiffany Frantz was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of twenty-one and strongly believes that it was caused by putting her cell phone in her bra for six years. 

Studies have shown that cell phones also cause social and psychological issues. The average young adult sends about 109 texts and checks their phone sixty times a day. This can cause compulsive behaviors and potentially dangerous addictions. Children have also become somewhat addicted to phones, iPads, and computersleading them to be less healthy because of not getting the right number of vitamins and not being as physical. Another issue would be the hindering of sleep. The blue light from the cell phone screens can cause a restraint in the production of melatonin, causing it to be harder to sleep. 

One of the biggest conflicts revolving around phones would be the fact that they so often distract drivers. There have been millions of deaths due to wrecks caused by cell phones. They sometimes distract people who are walking or crossing the road. Which is very dangerous because they could walk into traffic. On the other hand, the driver may not see the person and could hit them. A few more simple ways that cell phones can be dangerous are how expensive they can be and cheating in school. Cell phones can also cause teens or children to stop using their brains as much. For example, calculators sometimes replace the work that should be physically done. Thirty million people have also suffered permanent damage to their hearing because of playing their music loud on their phone.  

Even though cell phones have some very negative effects, they can also be useful. Cellular devices make it easy for parents to get in touch with their children. There is also the ability for tracking to be used which can be good or bad. They provide safety if it is needed; for example, if someone breaks down on the side of the road and need assistance, they can call someone to help. In addition, if there were an emergency and the police needed to be contacted, they could be. In addition, cell phones allow people to get in touch with someone no matter where they are in the world.  

 A solution to these issues is for the people that make cell phones to make them in a safer way. Or for people to simply limit themselves on how much time they spend on their cell phones. Also, avoid having cell phones in contact with our skin as much as possible. An example would be to use speaker phone instead of holding the phone at the ear. 

People should learn to not use their cell phones as much and many problems would be solved. Instead of playing on our phones, we should enjoy the outdoors and join as a community. This will cause us to bond more and be healthier physically and mentally.