Feature Teacher: Jennifer Jenkins

Abby Black, Staff Writer

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This year in Journalism we wanted to shine a light on the new teachers here at Pearl High School.  I decided to choose Mrs. Jennifer Jenkins.

Mrs. Jenkins is an ACT Prep teacher here at Pearl High.  This is her second year teaching; she previously taught Algebra I at Cleveland Central High School.  Before she began teaching, she attended Florence High School and Delta State University.  She graduated high school as the valedictorian.  She started college as a chemistry/math major but quickly changed her major to math once she realized that she only liked the math portion.  In May of 2017, she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

The reason that Mrs. Jenkins moved to Pearl was because she knew that she would need her family’s help after her son was born.  For a hobby, she likes to draw and paint, but since having her son, she has come to love sleep.  An interesting fact about Mrs. Jenkins is that she was homeschooled until the eighth grade.  She said that she never thought about why becoming a teacher called to her, but she did say that she never liked teachers that wouldn’t teach.  She said that the fact that she wanted to always learn is what contributed to her becoming a teacher.  The most rewarding part of being a teacher for her is when she finally helps a student find their “lightbulb moment.”  The most challenging, however, is when she has students that do not care to learn.  If she could be any animal, she would like to be a fly.  She said that you can learn more about someone by watching them than talking to them.