Feature Teacher: Rob Roberts

Feature Teacher: Rob Roberts

Alexa Garcia-Del Rio, Staff Writer

This year in journalism we wanted to shine a light on the new teachers here at Pearl High School. I decided to choose Coach Roberts.

Coach Roberts is a World History teacher here at Pearl High School. This is his first year at Pearl High School; however, he has previously taught at Newton Academy and Newton High School. Before becoming a teacher and a coach, he went to high school at Newton Academy, then he got his AA degree at East Central Community College; additionally, he got his BA degree at Mississippi State. Immediately before attending Mississippi State, coach Roberts played and coached at East Central Community College.

The reason Coach Roberts wanted to become a teacher was he wanted to stay around football and to help others reach their full potential and never settle for less. Specifically, the opportunity to be part of the football coaching staff brought coach Roberts to Pearl High School. According to Coach Roberts, the most rewarding and challenging part of being a teacher and a coach is being able to help others; however, the most challenging part is getting someone to realize they can and need to work harder in classroom but also on the field.

Coach Roberts’s favorite thing to do is hang out with his wife, Nikki, and daughter, Reese. He also likes to work out and enjoys any type of competition. If he could be an animal, he would be a Grizzly Bear.