“How to Make Quicksand Slime”

Mia Jonesss, Staff Writer

There are several different types of slime and many ways to make them. This slime is known as Quicksand slime or Oobleck slime. It’s one of the easiest to make because not much is needed to make it. For this particular slime, you will need cornstarch, water, and a large mixing bowl. First, you will start by adding small amounts of water and cornstarch together into the large mixing bowl and then stir it until it forms a compound that looks like heavy whipping cream but flows like honey. The approximate amount of cornstarch to use is two cups and one cup of water. If a regular sized box of cornstarch is used, then you would use one and a half cups of water. Its best to start adding the water slowly in small amounts and try not to pour it all at once, and then continue to add until the desired consistency is reached. 

After the mixture is finished, lay your hand over the top of the mixture and your hand should sink into the mixture as is expected. Its advised that you move your hand throughout the mixture, starting out slow and increasing in speed, and notice whether it’s easier to move your hand when moving it fast or slow. If the mixture is deep enough, submerge your hand into it. Try grabbing a handful and pull your hand out fast and slow. If you hit the substance fast and it splatters, more cornstarch needs to be added. Notice that the mixture acts as quicksand. When you move your hand slowly, it behaves like a liquid. When you move your hand fast, it acts as a solid, as does quicksand. All this happens because the flow and movement of fluids depends on the viscosity. Quicksand is a non-Newtonian fluid, and the viscosity of these types of fluids change with the forces applied to it. Making Quicksand slime is a very fun and easy way to show creativity.