“The Holy Fire”

Angel Helom, Staff Writer

The Holy Fire is a fire that started, and workers are still trying to put it out. Reports say the fire started in early August in Holy Jim Canyon by a now captured suspect by the name of Forrest Gordon Clark. He earlier recorded a video saying, “It’s all going to burn.” This would not be his first account on arson, but his third. In his past years, Clark was arrested on two accounts of arson. On the other hand, Clark claimed to be sleeping as the fire crept upon his house. Clark wore two earplugs to sleep that day and was so deep in his sleep that he got burned himself on the right shoulder. He was still taken to court, and he now faces six felony charges including criminal threats. Before the fire rampage, Clark had a neighborhood reputation as the “weird guy with the long hair who would chase you.” Clark was known for harassing his neighbors due to their choice of religion. He would stand outside and recite Bible verses aloud to his neighbors. With his criminal record, Clark is now the prime suspect in the now 176,000 acres of fire spreading through California.  

Officials say that the fire will not be put out until September. The fire has over 14,000 fire fighters, troops, and pilots working to at least contain half of the fire. Right now, the team has only put out five percent. President Donald Trump is said to be monitoring the wild fires as well. Their expenses have tripled to $73 million, but damage is not just being done to their pockets. Over 1,000 homes were destroyed by the Holy Fire, and it continues to increase. Luckily, families were nowhere near their homes when the fire was in reach of it. 20,000 residents were evacuated from their homes at the beginning of the fire when officials predicted the direction the fire would spread. The Holy Fire is now spreading into the direction of New York and still has areas in California that need to be contained. The fire is spreading so rapidly due to the great pollution that California accommodates in its air particles. This is said to be the largest fire ever in the history of California.