“Mothers Addicted to Drugs Need A Second Opportunity”

Alexa Garcia-Del Rio, Staff Writer

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Pregnant mothers need another opportunity to fight their addictions instead of being sentenced to prison. Sometimes, putting babies in foster care cannot fully reduce the harm at was caused. It was making it worse for them. Their moms are not getting the opportunity they need to recover and get their baby back.

In November 2017, Nikki Cox-Musgrove, a president of Pearl was sentenced to fifteen years in prison for exposing her newborn child to opioids and have obtained Xanax by fraud. She was accused of criminal activity instead of extreme health issue. This verdict too fifteen years away from the mother and her baby. This decision took prenatal care away from Nikki’s baby, name still unknown.

Nikki Cox-Musgrove was born August 7, 1987. She was arrested at the age of thirty years old. Cox-Musgrove was arrested on November 30, 2017. She was arrested in her own house by agents of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. It is known that Nikki Cox-Musgrove will be released November 16, 2032.  She is in the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility TVC UNIT.

However, Kentucky and New Hampshire hospitals have been making a little experiment on newborns and mom who are addicted to drugs. Babies whose mom are addicted to drugs depend on drugs when they are born. So, doctors, rather than taking the babies away, are keeping the mom and baby together. They are kept in a private room and moms are taught to comfort, nurture, show a bond, and parental love. This experiment showed great results, especially in babies. Babies were now not that dependent on any drug.

Christina Dent, who became a foster family a couple years ago, said she would never forget the time one of her foster sons saw her biological mother for the first time. Right there she realized a mother’s love was stronger than any drug addiction. Doctors and therapists need to help these women, not a criminal justice system that just takes life away from people.

What was the advantages of Nikki Cox-Musgrove fifteen years in prison? Her child did not even get to see her for the first fifteen years of her life. She will spend fifteen years of her life for one mistake that she could have been treating. Women with drug addictions suffer a lot, and they deserve the opportunity to be treated and fix those mistakes.