“Local News Article: Jackson Native Accused of Crazy Crime Dies”


An inmate from Mississippi, who killed a Georgia woman with silicone buttocks injections, has died in prison at the age of 58.  An autopsy is to be done on the inmate, Tracy Lynn Garner.  She only was able to do three and a half years of a life sentence.

The victim, Gordon, was an Atlanta resident.  She was said to be drawn to Jackson by Garner who did not even have a medical license.  Gordon was referred to Garner by Natasha Stewart, an adult entertainer.  Stewart was said to have told Gordon that Garner was a nurse.

Garner was convicted of depraved heart murder.  Depraved heart murder is a killing caused by reckless disregard of human life.  Stewart, the individual that referred Gordon to Garner, was convicted of manslaughter and received a seven-year sentence.  During the trial, the defense lawyer, John Colette, stated that Gordon knew what she was getting herself into before she got the injections.  “She wanted this underground, bargain basement butt enhancement,” Colette said.  He also stated that she had several other injections, and it could have been any of them that killed her.  He also said that the silicone in Gordon’s body was not the same as the silicone found in Garner’s home.

On Sunday, Garner was taken from Central Mississippi Correctional Facility to a hospital in Jackson where she was later pronounced dead.  Her cause of death is unknown but should be revealed once the autopsy is completed.