“Winter Weather Causes City-Wide Crisis

Claire Henderson, Staff Writer

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As temperatures across the eastern and southern states drastically dropped in the past week, Mississippi was not exempt from the effects that came with it. Jackson specifically has seen up close and personally what havoc these winter temperatures can create.

To kick of the New Year, the streets and infrastructure of the Jackson will be given a bit of a face-lift as repairs to water systems commence. Although this was brought on by winter climates and has caused frustration, the changes seem long overdue. The renovations were sought after on January 1st when Jackson Public Works announced that the pipes of the main water systems throughout the city had been damaged as a result of the cold weather previously in the week.

City officials spoke on the topic stating that they did not know the extent of the damage but that water pressure across the city would be affected. They also issued a boil water notice as a precaution to residents and business owners. This lead to many local business closings on the day of the announcement and days following. This also lead to the local universities, including Jackson State University and Belhaven University, closing and delaying the start of the 2018 semester. Jackson Public Schools was also affected by these issues.

City crews have been at work to amend this city-wide water crisis. As of January 11, these crews have reported 129 broken water mains almost two weeks after the beginning of issue. Some areas of the city are still experiencing little to no pressure which can lead to no flow of water. The flow and pressure with not resume until the breaks are effectively repaired.

In the meantime, the universities around the city have begun their classes. Although this is good news for the universities, Jackson Public Schools is still not in session after the holiday break. School and city officials state that JPS will resume classes on Tuesday January 16th.

Jackson pipes are not totally out the woods yet though. With temperatures reaching the teens during the upcoming weekend of  January 13th, officials begin to prepare and protect the newly repaired pipes and old pipes for the upcoming days in order to prevent further damage and issues.