“Are Apple Products Taking Over?”

Sadejah Wells, Staff Writer

Apple products are a worldly product. People all over the world have made Apple products their predominate source of technology.  The use of Apple products vary. Throughout the years apple has gradually changed, bettering itself unit after unit.

In 1776 the first Apple computer was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The following year in 1977, they went on to incorporate a company. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both college dropouts. Their idea was to change the way people idealized computers. They wanted to create a computer so small that people can have them in their homes or offices.

In 1975 Wozniak and Steve set up a workshop out of their garage where they began the creation of their software. Creating the software wasn’t cheap. In order to afford the start working on a prototype they both had to come out of pocket; selling things that were very valuable at the time, such as, Steve Jobs Volkswagen Microbus and Steve Wozniak Hewlett Packard calculator.

The first apple computer was hand built. The computer was originally a do-it-yourself kit. It was the first in one Microcomputer that was once hooked up to a keyboard and monitor. It came as a kit and sold for $666. More than 200 computer units were sold. Years later in in 1999 Apple 1 went on to be one of the most collectible Pc of all time. Today the original is sold for up to 50,000 dollars.

Over the years being founder of apple became a hard job to manage for Steve Jobs. He has changed drastically causing people to part with him. The Board of Apple had even once tried to fire him believing that he was uncontrollable. Steve then went on to prove he wasn’t crazy,   of full of ideas no one would understand.

In 1998 the next best apple product was introduced. The new unit was known as the IMac. The iMac had two characteristics that made it the bestselling computer at the time. The unit was fairly easy to set up. They managed to create a computer that had very minimum cord usage. The iMac was also attractive to users. It was a unit that stood out for it looks. Over the years Steve found many ways to improve iMacs

Steve later went on to pursue what it is he wanted to do with apple and that is create a unit small enough to fit in your home. He not only made units small enough for home but he was able to create things as small as to fir in your pocket.

The first was the iPod, the iPod was similar to an Mp3 player but more technical and easy to use. In 2007 the company announced the first iPhone. The iPhone went on to be the Invention of the year. The unit sold over 1.4 million by September. Steve decided that every year he would create apple products that can only get better and that’s what he did. Every year new releases were made from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 8+.

Today Apple is a big corporation and one the most successful. Steve Jobs went on to succeed in what he was set out to do. He will continue to live on in the name of apple and his products will continue to change.