Alexa Garcia-Del Rio, Staff Writer

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Have you ever wondered if the movie Annabelle is real? The answer is yes; Annabelle is based on a true story. Annabelle has been part of many movies such as, The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, Annabelle, and Annabelle: Creation.

The story behind Annabelle will freeze your blood. It all started in 1970, when the mother of a girl name Donna gave her daughter a present which she bought from a hobby store. The present was a doll, which Donna named Annabelle. Donna was a 28-year-old lady at the time; she was also a college student going to nursing school. She lived with a roommate named Angie.

At first, Annabelle looked like a normal doll, but over time they noticed something wrong with her. Annabelle seemed to move by her own; movements were delicate and unrecognizable, just change in position or things as simple as that. The movement increased within a few days. Annabelle could now move fully and unexplainably. One day, Donna and Angie left Annabelle in Donna’s bed, and when they came back home, Annabelle was sitting on the couch.

The two girls, Donna and Angie, had a friend named Lou. Lou was extremely afraid of Annabelle; she didn’t even like getting close to her; she really thought something was wrong with the doll, but the girls did not believe her. Several days later, Donna began to find pieces of parchment paper in the house with messages that said, “Help us” or “Help Lou.” Donna asked Angie if it was her. Angie refused and said that she did not have any parchment paper.

One night, Donna returned home and found Annabelle with blood on her hands. Donna was so desperate she contacted a medium. The medium told Donna and Angie that long before the apartments were built on the property, a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins had been found dead on the property. The spirit remained on the property until the doll came into the house, and then the spirit went into the doll. The spirit felt secure in Donna and Angie’s house and wanted to stay there.

Days went by, and Lou started to have dreams that Annabelle was climbing on top of him and choking him. Lou was sure that Annabelle was trying to kill him. Lou was worried about the girls, but he did not know what to do. One day, Lou and Angie were planning a road trip when they suddenly heard a loud noise in Donna’s room. He went to Donna’s room and found everything normal except Annabelle; she was sitting in a corner. As he got closer to her, he started to feel the back of his neck burning and a sudden chest pain. He took his shirt off and found a series of raking claw marks, rough ditches in his skin that burned. He knew Annabelle was responsible for it.

The claw marks were gone totally in two days. It was like the wound was never there. The girls finally accepted they needed help and contacted an Episcopalian priest, who was so amazed by the story that he turned and called in Ed and Lorraine Warren, American paranormal investigators and authors associated with prominent cases of hauntings.

The Warrens conclusion did not take long; there was no ghost in the case. There was an inhuman spirit, a demon possibly in the doll. They knew the doll wasn’t possessed because demons don’t possess things. The demon was just manipulating the doll, and the target was Donna’s soul.

The priest then performed an exorcism in the apartment, and Ed and Lorraine took the doll with them. They placed Annabelle in a bag and drove home. They decided to stay off the highway because they knew the demon would want to mess up the car or something similar. Sure enough, when they were driving back home their engine kept cutting out, the power steering kept failing, and the brakes were getting harder and harder to press each time. Ed decided to stop and open the bag; he sprinkled some holy water on the doll, and the disturbances stopped for some minutes.

When they got home, Ed left Annabelle on his desk. A he was leaving, Annabelle appeared to be moving to different body positions. For a couple of days, Annabelle was still, and she never moved. When a few weeks had passed, Annabelle starting to appear in different rooms of the Warren’s house. Finally, the Warrens called a Catholic priest to do an exorcism in Annabelle. The priest did not take it seriously. As the exorcism went on, the priest told Annabelle, “You’re just a doll; you can’t hurt anyone.” As the priest left to go home his brakes failed, and his car was totally destroyed, luckily, he survived.

The Warrens than decided to build a locked case for Annabelle, where she remains there until his day. The locked case appears to be keeping Annabelle from moving around, but the spirit is still in her, waiting for one day to be freed again.