“It’s Time to Talk”

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“It’s Time to Talk”

Sadejah Wells, Staff Writer

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Many schools promote condom-based sex education, while others promote pushing the avoidance of sex and staying abstinent until marriage. It is said that practicing avoidance of sex can prevent sexually-transmitted diseases and other everyday life experiences.

Although it is said that teaching the avoidance of sex only can prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, not teaching the importance of contraception’s in case of their personal decisions after school can cause ignorance in one’s sex life after becoming a young adult and deciding to have sex.

Over the past years, several major studies have been found that abstinence-only education has no effect on stopping or delaying sex. Abstinence is only effective if that person pledges and keep his or her word of staying abstinence. Many people that pledge later in life part with their decision.

Waiting to have sex is said to be more of a religious thing than a health thing. Studies say that waiting doesn’t lower your risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Many people who want to practice abstinence or no sex until marriage usually have a religious background. People of certain religions believe that having sex before marriage is a sin and can damn you to hell if you do so.

Whether a person is having sex or not, the teaching of condoms and any use of contraception is necessary. Although they’re only being taught to wait to have sex doesn’t mean they will. When being taught to wait and not taught to be safe, the prevention ofsSexually transmitted diseases increases and will cause health problems at a young age. Students are told not too but not told why and what are safe ways going about having sex. Studies says that the highest teen pregnancy rate in the United States are the states that do no teach sex education.

People that believe sex shouldn’t be taught in school, believe that it should be their choice when to have the talk with their children, while others think it’s inappropriate for their child to be learning about sex.

Sex educator, Lena Solow says” One of my biggest goals as a sex educator is to be sex positive, to talk about pleasure and to talk about sex as something that not only makes babies.”

Many parents don’t want their child having sex but being aware of what it comes with is important.

Abstinence and the use of condoms should both be taught in schools. It is important to encourage younger adults to wait to have sex, while also teaching how to safely have sex. After taking an abstinence class, a student may decide that they still want to engage in sex but aren’t aware of how to safely have sexual intercourse.

It is best to know about sex and make your own decisions than to not understand the practice of safe sex.