The Abortion Debate

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The Abortion Debate

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Although knowing that a human is being formed within a woman is a great joy and blessing, there are circumstances in which an unexpected arrival of child makes women’s decisions painful and marks the life of a woman completely. As a result of an abortion, diseases may appear, infertility may occur, and physiological problems may present themselves.

Poverty, rape, disability, or unwantedness should not justify an abortion. Although the US Supreme Court has affirmed that abortions should be a fundamental right guaranteed by the US Constitution, abortion is still murder and should be prohibited.

There are many reasons why abortion is a bad idea, diseases may occur when aborting such as, pelvic infection, incomplete abortion, blood clots, hemorrhage, perforation of the uterus wall, and sepsis. According to the World Health Organization, five million women are hospitalized or even die from abortion related complications.  Some women even suffer long-term complications. The Life Issues Institute proves that abortion is more dangerous than childbirth. During the six months after an early abortion, a woman has double the risk of death compared to birth, and during the first year of late-term abortion, a woman has over three times the risk of death compared to giving birth.

When the reproductive organs of a women get infected by a disease, such as chlamydia, and are not treated correctly, compilation may occur. Infection in the fallopian tubes may occur and lead to blockage of the tubes. This means that the female gamete would be blocked and would not be allowed to get into the uterus. This causes infertility in women. Researchers from the Elliot institution have stated that three out of five women are left sterile after abortion.

Medical studies have proved that 58,741 patients in California affirmed that women who had abortion were 160 percent more like to be hospitalized for psychiatric treatment. Forty-four percent of woman complain of nervous disorders; thirty-six percent experience sleep disturbance; and eleven percent have to have psychotropic medicine prescribed by a doctor.  Also, a book called Sleep, was published in 2006 by Associated Professionals Sleep Societies, established that women who experience abortion were more likely to be treated for sleep disorders. Some other problems that develop due to an abortion are the feeling of guilt or loss, flashbacks that may come to the woman’s mind, and even difficulties being close to babies or pregnant women.

On the website sex info online, it states that abortion is overall a safe procedure. Yet, stated above it mentions that abortion can cause diseases and infertility in many cases. Also, it states that women should be in control of their own bodies and that rape is a justification for abortion. Yet, unborn babies are human beings and have the right to life. There is no such thing as a justification for abortion. There is only one reason that abortion is permitted and that is in serious occasion where you have to save either the mother or the baby’s life.

The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution states that “No person shall be……deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Also, the Fourteenth Amendment declares that “Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property….” Because of these words from our country’s foundings, it is clear that abortion should be illegal and should be outlawed completely.

Is it necessary for a woman to end someone’s life and become a murder, and for the woman’s body to present may problems. It’s time for abortion to be completely outlawed. When thinking about the fetus being ripped apart from their mother’s womb without any compassion or sympathy, how can people still think abortion should be legal?