Makeup Trends

Alexa Garcia-Del Rio, Staff Writer

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Glossy lips, dramatic lashes, and colorful eyelids are some of this year’s newest trends. Glossy lips can make the appearance look more youthful. Dramatic lashes make the look on your eyes more stunning, especially when you add thin cat eyes. Colorful eyelids are so great with the dramatic lashes, they make the eyes look much bigger and more fashionable.

Matte lips only dominated the last few years, so this year the new attractive trend is gloss. Lip gloss is a unique change, giving dimension, shine and youth. Glossier’s, an online shopping store, holiday set a new beauty and skincare line, which now included a shamelessly shiny, gleaming gloss.

People who are interested in a more natural look this is the year, should add no more contour, strobing, or baking. This will allow people’s natural beauty show up. Skin that’s fresh and clean with big bold eyes or bold lips are the latest trend.

Dimensional lips are the latest look, as seen in Mary Katrantzou and especially Fendi. Lips are taken to the next level by creating an ombre effect with an overlay of glitter. To create these lips, you should add a base layer of a satiny lipstick with a dab of high-glitter gloss right in the center of your lips.

Full and gigantic fake lashes are beloved by the people this year. Fake lashes, even at the bottom, with lively, vivid colors and eyeshadow stretched out all the way to the eyebrows are stunning.

Thin cat eyes are so last year; it is time to take it to take it to the next level. It’s time for thick cat eyes, on both the under and top lid. To get a fine thick eye, MAC has a special pencil for it called the Kohl power eye pencil.

Sunset colors are pleasing and create a fun look. A combination of orange, deep green, pink glitter, blue mascara, and mauve shadow are beautiful for the eye.

Perfect lips are over; know it’s time for blurred lips. It’s okay to mess up and diffuse those edges and add a little more color to the center of your lips.

Regular highlight is old now; its time take it one step further. Apply a strobing cream, highlight power, and some extra glitter for that exquisite impact.

So, upgrade on your 2017 makeup trends, show off your glossy lips, dramatic lashes, and colorful eyelids. Make a new person out of you this year.